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  1. No mate I thought my inbox would be full lol
  2. Got space for 1 person to join me on a golf course and horse paddock this satarday on the 15/12/18. Prefer if you have long nets to make things quicker and ofcourse must be able to travel Shropshire area. Inbox me thanks
  3. My occupation consists of staring at cows assholes all day love it
  4. Working kits, from working parents. Based in west Midlands area. Be ready in about 2 weeks. Drop me a message
  5. Thanks for reply. Yes i agree, my other ferret has just started doing the same, blue tint especially noticeable on the nose.
  6. Well she's eating well, putting on weight in fact which I don't mind to much as she is pregnant. I will keep an eye on she seems well in herself just the discolouration.
  7. She's normally a well looking ferret but today looks rough as a badger arse
  8. Hi all. I've recently mated my ferret, 3 weeks ago, and also the weather has turned hot. Now handling the ferrets today I've noticed the ferret has started losing fur and it's skin has a blue tint. This was not apparent yesterday. Is this a problem that needs sorting or will it go away once she has malted. Thanks to all you ferret genius
  9. Not sure although I'm a bit unsure where to look.
  10. A good grew would be ideal mate, finding a sire is difficult especially when you narrow it down to 1 cross
  11. Just over 23inch tts mate that' why I thought a taller sire to make sure they hit atleast 23
  12. So then any whippet men on here? I don't want to make another thread
  13. Thought you was growing weed for a second! And I was thinking about a good strong whippet as well to achieve that said previously.
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