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  1. So is that just a clulite mighty ranger?
  2. Any other info on these lamps?
  3. After a new lamp after my last one got nicked. So question is do I go for 240 enforcer 100w or is the 240 HID 50w much better and worth the money? cheers sam
  4. hi guys i have just had my pheasants arrive on friday and they already have gapes, just want to make sure i am doing it right as i am new to all this. we are on marsdens feed and have grower pellets and medicated poult pellets i was always told to give them the grower pellets first then the medicated poult pellets once they had been in the pen a while to allow them to catch anything that was in there first. is that right or should i be feeding the opposite way round?
  5. Hi guys i have noticed a large number of rabbits on the shoot i have just taken over and want to find a game dealer local that I can sell them to to ensure that they are not wasted. what prices are you getting around here? Sam
  6. Hi Guys I was looking into the various options to heat the rearing shelters with the price of gas being so much as was wondering if any of you have gone down the electric heating option? Sam
  7. hi i have a pair of deben batteries both hooked up to a striker lamp. only been used about 12 times but come to charge up yester day only the red light showing and still the same tonight so been on charge about 30 hours is there any tests i can do to see if its the charger or the batteries? thanks Sam
  8. i have for sale this gun as i bought if for the marsh last season but never had chance to go out and use it it has had most prob around 200-300 shells through it on the clays so no hevi shot through it at all. looking for £850 cheers Sam
  9. Hi guys, Im after applying for an open ticket I have had my FAC for about 4 years now so looking to get it open and also put in for a 17 hmr. I have read recently people have been getting there tickets opened up for all legal quarry as well how would you go about wording this? regards Sam
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