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  1. Do you have anything to show that he wasn't part of the control group?
  2. Not quite sure what I'm supposed to derive from that clip, mate. Aren't we both agreeing with him??
  3. I don't know of anyone and I have zero inclination to look it up on your behalf. If you want to debate the what repealing of Section 230 will do to online discourse you'll need to do some of your intensive research on the subject. It's backed by both the Republicans and the Democrats for different reasons. There's no point discussing it until then other than to say it will drastically reshape how we all communicate on the world wide web. Your team want to see it on the statute. Your opponents team want to see it on the statute. We the people will lose. From the results of the last two Republican led investigations into his conduct he's not responding for the same reasons they didn't find anything. The fact he's made a fortune in politics show's how f*ck*d up the system currently is. I can't argue with that. If you ever decide to look into how Section 230 works you'll quickly understand how the right to say what you just said is in severe jeopardy. I don't think about it, mate, I know that statement is utterly false. A complete fabrication. You've literally halved the threshold and taken out the decimal point in between the sixes. Will you quote your source on the figure? I'd wager it's the same place you pulled the Bill Gates vaccine info from!
  4. It has. It fluctuates between he's a massive bellend and he's a dangerously massive bellend. What might be a surprise to you is that I feel the same way about his opposition but he's had a longer career and I've thought that much since the Gulf kicked off in the early 00's. Mate, I'm a libertarian. I can absolutely say that I don't want either of them to win because I don't. I know my candidate hasn't got a sh*t of a chance of taking the top job but as of the latest count there are over 1400 people running to be president in the US. Your only concept of US politics might be the multi-billion spending duopoly but it's a far more complex situation than I think you realise. For the umpteenth time I don't vote Republican because I don't identify with Republican Party politics. I don't vote Democrat because I don't identify with Democratic Party politics. I could go into the reasons why, at length, and pull out decades of case laws and rulings to explain why but what's the point in arguing it with you? I'm neither! By him do you mean Schiff or the director of intelligence, Ratcliffe? I'll assume you mean Ratcliffe because Schiff is a massive bellend (see the pattern here?) I do agree with the head of intelligence and I'm glad you brought it up because you omitted the other part of that statement regarding this nonsense regarding the laptop. Schiff called Russian interference. There is no evidence of it. I agree. Ratcliffe also stated that they can't even confirm that this laptop is even Biden's because there is no evidence to say it is. Only the word from Rudy Giuliani that it was Biden's laptop before he handed it to the NYPost. It's a completely unverified story and hasn't even passed the most basic of scrutiny at this point so I'll ignore the conspiracy theories until there is some kind of real comeback on it. I asked earlier in the thread why wouldn't something that would tank Biden's election bid be sent to a tabloid newspaper instead of being thoroughly vetted through the vast criminal investigation department that the bloke who would benefit from it most, if it was as authentic as you're alleging? Simple really, it's complete bollocks until proven otherwise. While we're on the subject of criminal investigations into corruption... Do you agree with the two Republican led Senate committee reports that were released last month? They've spent months investigating these allegations. They found no evidence of wrong doing, or corruption, from Biden in connection with his son's shenanigans in the Ukraine. That was two investigations lead by Don's team into his political rival? Did you read them? Do you know about them? Will you answer?
  5. @Greyman I was able to read your reply to me on the cat thread before it got deleted. I appreciate the sentiments, mate. When I mentioned shaky evidence, I should probably clarify. I was generalizing. This thread is 318 pages as of this post, based on my settings. The majority of stuff that gets thrown around in the media is the shaky stuff and I tend to just gloss over it. Being as busy as I have over the last 12 months I've not really had chance to really get into the nuts and bolts of everything that's been posted but fair comment. You posted about the podcast, and that's a new one to me. I'll try and have a listen and you also mentioned the paper that's up for peer review, as discussed with @Born Hunter many moons ago that's the text I'm really looking forward to and really interested in reading. Documentary sounds like it might be a good watch too! Back on the local topic our local news posted an article on their website about staying safe in cat country. I'll try and post it when their site is up and running again but I know our local stuff is harder to access online due to the changes in European laws. The interesting thing, and I think it's relevant to the topic, is that there has been a huge spike in cat sightings since that viral video hit the net. That was filmed only a few hundred miles from where I'm sat. With the new interest in cats it seems everyone is spotting one all of a sudden but it does highlight the quality of evidence that's presented from the public. The article does go on to state that cat sightings are extremely rare as they're extremely evasive around humans, and then lists the safety protocols, which are basically do the opposite of what the guy in the video did! Now that everyone is cat aware there are many reports going in to fish and game, regarding the sightings, and they're basically telling everyone to calm the f*ck down! This is in a part of the world that has a healthy and thriving cat population and despite the many cases of misidentification, there are enough reports for them to issue the safety bulletin. Flip the extremely human reaction to the UK and it wouldn't surprise me that you get a similar reaction over there with a lot of false alarms to sift through. That's why I'm really looking forward to the paper when it's released! Also I believe it was @MH1 that asked if any dogs were taken from yards? We have a lot of dogs and livestock grazing locally and there are no reports of cats causing issues. Coyotes can be a problem though.
  6. Having a mute button for these two stuttering imbeciles is a brilliant idea! It's pretty symbolic of how America and the world is viewing this last election cycle!
  7. That's the crux of it, mate. The attempt to call them socialists is pretty funny given the context. If anyone was bothered they'd look up Biden's voting record. It's pretty startling given the 2020 spin on his 'moderate healer' rebrand. Look at the laws he's introduced in his near half a century political career. If he was even electable in Britain he'd be tucked away at the back of the Commons and every time he opened his mouth the Mirror would be calling him a fascist... He would be a hardline old school Tory at best. The only bloke in US politics that would sit on the Labour bench would be Bernie Sanders. I think his policies are deluded but he's been the most consistent voice, in the Senate, and I'd argue he's the only one of them that speaks honestly based on his world view. He's about as Christian as I am, mate. I'm not arsed who he prays to but playing the C card gets you votes. He'd be a scientologist if he thought it would get him a couple of battleground states.
  8. Like I said, mate. Both the Republicans and the Democrats want to repeal Section 230. Don tweets about it every time a social media network does something he doesn't like. Dems want to ban hate speech. Republicans believe that social media are censoring them. Both sides want to see the end of mis/disinformation. Removing Section 230 would make all Yank forums subject to stringent, government mandated, moderating rules. Look it up. It will reach over to Europe because most of these kinds of forums are run on Yank tech. This thread was started in 2017, have a scroll back! I still wouldn't bet against him even though he's aware of the concept that he might lose. He's saying as much at his rallies. 2% is a nice figure but speaking purely as THL's Anglo-American connection there hasn't been an undecided voter since he was inaugurated... Last I checked over 40 million Americans have already voted we're less than a week away from the big day.
  9. It does update the narrative though. The FBI have looked at the hard drive but don't appear overly concerned with the content as opposed to where it came from. That's not to say it didn't happen but it still remains unverified. If they repeal section 230 it'll apply to all yank forums. Probably won't stop it in the short term but they'll get around to it. Don also doesn't see the irony of using Twitter to complain about censorship. If they repeal 230 his account will be moderated before he can post anything! They'll have to to see whether he's contravening the law he wants to steamroll through congress!! This sh*t is hilarious!! It's literally writing itself!!
  10. Not like Fox News to help walk it back! This just gets better and better! He does bring up the interesting debate about Section 230 though. If they do go through with it, and both sides of the house, Republicans and Democrats want to, this forum and many like it will be done. As soon as they determine that these kinds of forums are "publishers" of information, instead of the platforms for individual comment then the companies that own them will be subject to much harsher regulation and moderation. This is just one more case where both parties want to curtail our rights and yet enjoy their dedicated support. The knock on effect on social media in general will be huge and will stretch much further than the borders of the US. This isn't a left or a right issue this is bipartisan. They want to enact the anti-trust laws to kill off dissent online.
  11. My understanding is that this laptop hasn't been seen by anyone in any branch of law enforcement. Given it's alleged content I find that a little odd given the consequences of the material to who it's aimed at. Edit as this posted before I'd finished... If it has been seen by anyone in the FBI/DOJ etc the contents would be easy to verify as legitimate and would be able to scuttle the Biden campaign. As Don is the boss he could make this top priority.
  12. Absolutely! It's 2020. If they're not saying their prayers and taking their vitamins, what the f*ck is going on?
  13. When Hellwig died in 2014 my lads spent the whole weekend trying to gorilla press each other as a tribute. I still believe that they should introduce that into presidential debates to declare the winner in the event of a tie.
  14. The King had a heart attack on air and was clinically dead for 30 minutes. He was back at work in 8 weeks. I'm not seeing that level of dedication from the current candidates.
  15. Good call, Gnash. Anyone that carries a Desert Eagle for protection doesn't shoot much, and that let Vinnie down on that one...
  16. That's true in part but that same reality TV wrestlemania shit is all that gets posted in here, suggests it isn't an exclusively American problem. As close as the polls suggest this could be, zero people who have posted in this thread, today, are voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden! Small fact, smaller figure.
  17. But that's the thing mate. He isn't!! The Trump team have been gifted a golden opportunity to send a couple of torpedoes across the bow with less than two weeks before the election. Why would these tactical geniuses miss that kind of static target when this is so damn close?! To your second point. Who ever wins the election will be recorded as the oldest man to take office. Don will be 74 and Joe will be 78. A VP stepping in at some point in the next 4 years is far more likely this time around than at any other time. There's very little in the NYPost article that changes the fact that these are two very old men, and judging by their "debate" are both stuttering imbeciles! There's no conspiracy there it's just a factor of time and whether either of them can stand up to the pressure of being in the top job in their senior years. Whether Pence or Harris eventually get the opportunity for the top job will all depend on the health of their boss. That's a given.
  18. It doesn't answer the question though does it? There's an incredibly simple way to prove that these allegations are true, but it seems every avenue to do so has been avoided. Why? I'm no fan of Joe Biden. I can post pages of criticism of his actual political record that shows how law, that he was instrumental in, has damaged Americans and has erroded civil rights for the very people he's now championing as the saviour. I can bring in Harris, too, who's draconian record as Californian AG has sought the harshest penalties against the poorest people in society. How they've managed to rebrand themselves as the answer to all of societies ills, despite being a major cause, and how they probably won't do what they say they're going to. Maybe if they're elected that's for another thread, but in the meantime this sudden leak of pertinent information to the Trump campaign could be quite easily verified by any LE agency and if true would completely tank the election bid for the Democrats. The fact that is hasn't shows that either the Republicans aren't the tactical geniuses they portray to be, or that the unverified content of this hard drive given to Trump staffers is the latest in a line of the political shit-slinging synonymous with American politics. With all the readily available shit on Biden's voting trends and general disdain for American civil rights that's on record and easily researchable on any internet search engine I'm extremely skeptical of a tabloid hit piece that has been handled from beginning to end by people within the Trump campaign. They can prove it's validity but instead opt for reality TV wrestlemania shit. Why?
  19. It's a sad state of affairs when you'll pull me up for being ginger but not fat...
  20. The circumstances say he hasn't because it's been printed in the NYPost. An MSM outlet that you've called fake news in the last few years, which is why I'm curious of the certain turn around in opinion for it's validity. There is actually a procedure for these kinds of allegations that has been completely ignored and if these are indeed facts then it's a grossly missed opportunity at a time when he could really do with bolstering his standing with average Americans. Is he? I haven't heard it. I cannot comment on whether it happened or not because I haven't had time to trawl through nonsense to get to any actual facts presented in any of this. As usual there's a lot of shit slinging but very little substance. As you're usually the tip of the spear with these kind of stories I wanted to hear your opinion on it. Don could end Joe's election bid this week if he had conducted an actual investigation into the allegations. The fact that he hasn't suggests that either he isn't the tactical genius you believe he is, or the story isn't as factual as you claim it is. If he's waiting until after the election, which is still a toss up at this moment, then he's basically wasting everyone's time and money to conduct another post-election puppet show instead of doing the job he's being paid for. It's a hell of a gamble and at a time when results matter and this would slamdunk his re-election. Guarantee a win or make the American taxpayer fund the fall out if there is indeed any merit in the allegations. It's almost like that migrant caravan that appeared 3 weeks before the midterm elections in 2018 and then suddenly vanished when the Democrats won the house. Smoke and mirrors?
  21. Says you've got 10 posts in as of this thread...
  22. Always. The true injustice is that people genuinely believe that's the only options. I'm of the belief that you can turn to the sneaky dog turd that someone has toe ended under the hedge and avoid the septic tanks completely. It won't be perfect but it will ultimately be less shit and with 2020 the way it is we could all do with less of that!
  23. Probably all the microwaves from his 5G phone uploading all those fitness pictures to Instagram. I bet if you check his feed, Bill Gates will be in the background doctoring the water fountain with one of his vaccines...
  24. Absolutely. Same with Don and Boris too. Most people on either side of the Atlantic are voting for the pile of sh*t that doesn't smell as badly as the other pile and as a result we get the same result and the pile just gets a little bigger for the next go around. We always get the government we deserve.
  25. Here's a question for ya, mate. Don is the head of the free world. He has the power to authorize an investigation into this using the Department of Justice. He's their boss and he could put this at the very top of the pile. They could prove/disprove the validity of this pretty f*ck*ng quickly. My question is why wouldn't he? If it is indeed true no one would vote for Biden in 2020. Despite what YouTube experts have shown us on this thread, America isn't the turgid cesspool of leftist hysteria that they'd like you to believe. It would indeed cost Joey the election, because we're not all blind idiots. I don't understand why a top thinking genius like Don would miss an opportunity like that. Especially since the timing of the allegations is right before the general election. If anything it would make the resulting fall out pure gold for anyone that is running against the duopoly, which would essentially benefit America in everything from the short to long term.
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