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    Sad news indeed. Sleep well mate.
  2. ChrisJones

    Own Up

    Does this shop belong to one of our residents?
  3. Leighton McMillan Richard Price has been jailed for 17 years. Has TR recanted his statement that he and McMillan Price were mates?
  4. ChrisJones

    NHS Co-Pays

    In an attempt to amend the Health Service Bill from 2006, Tory MP for Christchurch Chris Chope has put forward the National Health Service (Co-Funding & Co-Payment) Bill. The bill would be used to open up the debate on extending charges for the NHS by increasing the fees to people for certain services, including dentistry, prescriptions, GP visits and even some surgical procedures. It would affect England and Wales although it's unlikely to be passed without government support.
  5. ChrisJones

    NHS Co-Pays

    Fair one Scot but there's plenty of negative sh*te posted on here regardless. I've paid more than enough in to have an opinion and I'm equally if not more critical of my local establishment. No one wants to read my rants on the LDS church though...
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    Own Up

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    Best part of uk to live

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    World Cup 2018

    That's the epitaph of every England manager since Euro 92.
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    Own Up

    My favourite bit about the poster in that shop window is that it says there is no evidence of gravity yet it's held in the window with sellotape.
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    NHS Co-Pays

  11. ChrisJones

    Knife and gun crime

    'Young Man Knifed Himself To Death After Mistakenly Believing His Vest Was Stab Proof' Extra irony points go to Teeside's DSI Butcher...
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    Funny Joke Thread

  13. ChrisJones

    Florida laws a bit strict.

    Maybe we're approaching this the wrong way? Should we be feeding molesters to the alligators?
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    Agreed. To suggest that these lads were institutional racist in their approach to dealing with the tragedy is, frankly, a smack in the face to all frontline emergency workers. F*ck that solicitor.
  15. ChrisJones

    Florida laws a bit strict.

    Do Not Feed The Pigeons: Level Expert.
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    Independent Link: I Was A Firefighter At Grenfell Tower.
  17. ChrisJones

    Another school shooting in America

    Depends on your local plod in a sense. All of our schools in Utah have a resource officer and have for some time. That's a secondary duty on top of their day to day policing. They're still sworn in LE officers. We live 30 miles outside of the city limits so we're not covered by city police only county and state LE. When the county sheriff's deputy logs in at the school he's carrying everything he may need for the day and while he isn't walking around a school with the latest hardware it won't be far away from his person either. If he has to respond to a bank job 90 miles away he can't really call back to the station and pick up anything he needs. It's more a matter of practicality.
  18. ChrisJones

    Question For The Audiophiles

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Looking at the activity in the What Are You Listening To Now thread I'm sure there are enough among us that not only like a decent tune but I'm sure to have the equipment to play it. I'm in the market for a decent stereo system as my old Marantz has given up the ghost. I'm really up on current developments in audio but I'm looking for a decent set up for vinyl. I'm willing to shell out for quality so the price isn't too much of a factor but looking for recommendations for newer gear. Thanks in advance.
  19. ChrisJones

    Another school shooting in America

    Our resource officers are serving sheriff's deputies. They're in full uniform complete with duty issue. That includes everything from pepper spray to the AR-15 in the back of the cruiser. Our rural officers carry pretty much everything with them because of the area they cover and the time it takes to get there. The guy that didn't engage was suspended pending an investigation into why. He then immediately retired from the force to protect his pension and benefits.
  20. ChrisJones

    Large Pythons

    Lad at work and one of these large python breeds. Massive constrictor type. Very proud of his pet. We were having a meeting one morning and he's telling us that he'd go to sleep on the couch and he wakes up with the snake 'cuddled up' next to him. This happens quite regularly apparently. A few months pass and we ask him how he's getting on with his pet and he says he's gotten rid. When asked why he said he'd taken his dog to the vet on an unrelated matter and he mentioned it to him. The vet had told him to get rid of the snake immediately as it wasn't cuddling it was seeing whether he would fit.
  21. ChrisJones

    Big Cat Sighting

    Don't the establishment tells us they're rare too?
  22. ChrisJones

    World Cup 2018

    Pull the entire squad from the championship. They'll play their b*ll*cks off and show a pride in the jersey not seen since Italia 90. And if they go home with nothing......................
  23. ChrisJones

    Big Cat Sighting

  24. ChrisJones

    World Cup terror attack in moscow

    Doesn't sound like Tommy's having it too bad if he's uploading from prison!