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  1. It's been a weird few years. A lot of Americans are sick to death of the traditional political establishment. Don's win was testimony to that and these women were elected, and subsequently re-elected, under that same desire to change the status quo.
  2. It popped up in the list but based on that I'll probably give it a miss! I watched two stuttering imbeciles debate the other night I don't know if I've got the stomach for a third!
  3. Understandable given the current and previous governments in the UK. AOC probably resonates with the British and European media because she's seen as a young socialist progressive in among a hard conservative hierarchy. It says more about media corporations than anything else and kinda reinforces what I posted earlier about political affiliations. You have the news and then reporter's slant on the news. End result is the story. We've spent the last couple of decades using the limited time we have to consume the media that reinforces our per-conceived biases. With this thread it's easy for me to be critical of them because I think they're both useless. If my team wins, next month, I'd endeavour to be that critical too. I do have a dog in this fight and while it's a massive outsider I'm quite willing to hold them to the same scrutiny as the other two.
  4. @Francie What do you think of this one? Quid Pro Quo?
  5. If you look at the mainstream networks they all have party affiliation. Even 5000 miles away you'll roll your eyes if you see 'Breaking News' from CNN and it's completely understandable. There's a lot of information flying around all the time and it's hard to process, so when it gets condensed into manageable chunks people will read it. People will manipulate that. In the UK you'll see nothing but Trump and Biden. At least here you'll get a snapshot of 'Other' in between the noise but even here you'll often have to dig for it. As you have no say in it whatsoever you'll probably be less inclined to do the digging as you have more important things to do in your daily life. American politics for the most might as well be a sports network.
  6. Where I am there is a surge of interest in the Libertarians based on the catastrophic presidential debates. Apparently I'm not alone thinking that we're voting to decide which stuttering imbecile should be our leader for the next 4 years. The way the electoral college works it's practically guaranteed that this state will go Republican although a solid third party vote would start to shift internal opinion away from the fringes. It's hard to nail it down more than that.
  7. Agreed and I'm sure there will be plenty of data to sift through in the run up to election day. I can only go off where I'm at, and different states will differ immensely. There are over 1400 people running for president, believe it or not, but the duopoly of Republicans and Democrats will ensure that most people outside the US, and even those inside, only believe there are two. The Libertarians are on the ballot for all 50 states and were shut out of the presidential debates because the debate committee is run by... guess who? Republicans and Democrats! That all said this is very much a lesser of evils election and very much a referendum on Trumpism and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. As has been rightly pointed out on this thread, a huge surge for Democrats isn't necessarily a big shift the left but more of a protest against Donald's style than anything else. Pretty much being the opposite of what we saw last time. The vast majority of people I speak to don't want either candidate in particular but want one of them in office, so the other team lose! Sound familiar?
  8. My opinion doesn't matter. Your team concluded in two official investigations that he didn't do anything wrong. I don't know enough about it to care either way. I think they're both as crooked as they come, as is the case with most politicians but the Republican senate investigation doesn't agree. Twice. It changes nothing. It's just noise and it certainly doesn't seem to be harming the initial vote tally, which from what's happening in the tabloid news cycle is exactly what they appear to be trying to do. When Hillary's emails were on the news she was actually running for the job and it did have an effect but this isn't about the candidate this time. It's his son. It doesn't matter if his son is all over the internet smacked out of his box and banging prostitutes. He isn't on the ballot.
  9. They do but the site I listed are posting actual vote tallies from early voting. Not opinions they're current results. Granted they're just showing where we're up to, and don't predict or claim any kind of victory. Merely a running tally of party, and non party voters that have participated. It's almost two to one in favour of the Democrats but the official election day isn't until November 3rd. Look at that tally as more of a run of tries in the first half. The game isn't over by any means.
  10. It hasn't and it won't. This is all being released after the fact Team Trump have cleared him. Twice. That's in official Senate led inquiries and reports. If pro-Trump senate Republicans can't find evidence of wrongdoing what are you bringing in from rainy Donegal? If anything new comes in, and it's legitimate and verifiable, by all means impeach the living piss out of him, but at this stage it's all bollocks until proven otherwise. Pulling up blogs of dirt on him doesn't change anything at this stage. It's just noise until it isn't, and it still isn't. I have no support to give to either of these clowns in the duopoly and I couldn't care less unless some of the shit being thrown can actually stick. Blokes being paid millions that are actively working against Biden can't make it stick so what exactly are you bringing to the table here?
  11. I've just spent the last 40 mins, or so, reading the arbitrary lockdown rules for Greater Manchester's 'Tier 3.' God, you lads are f*ck*d! Everyone will be on benefits at this rate...
  12. Aye! More noise not to listen to. If he was on the ballot it would mean something...
  13. Article from Forbes. They're predicting a record breaking 150m voter turn out for this general election.
  14. Yes and Yes. Those are tallied votes. Actual record of ballots cast in this election. If you read back in the thread I discusses this with GL. My state is a Republican stronghold. They haven't had a democrat in office for decades. We've been using mail in ballots for years with zero issues. I honestly don't know what Biden's son has been up to, and I'm not really arsed to be honest. There has been implications that Biden Snr has been involved also and he's [Biden Snr] been investigated by two Republican led Senate inquiries into the alleged corruption, including the testimony you posted a couple of pages back. They released the reports in September. Both reports have cleared Biden Snr of any wrongdoing. The inquiry was launched and mulled over by Team Trump and if they couldn't find any sh*t on him then he's currently cleared of it from where I'm sat.
  15. Some actual news... As of this post, a little over 58.6m people have already voted with around half of that tallied for the candidates. Have a look here. The site is updated as the tallied votes come in.
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