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  1. Cracking weekend again, huge thanks to Kev and the guys from luccombes for all their hard work, Joe for the burritos, Ken for the bbq and everyone else who all contributed food, beer and prizes The kids had a great time, we all enjoyed the fishing and the Johnny show afterwards We found a fantastic clay shooting ground just down the road if anyone fancies a go next year. Cheers Mick, Jake, Callum and Olivia
  2. My eldest is coming too so 4 of us in total but only 2 fishing.
  3. Hi Kev Me, Callum and Olivia are in, looking forward to it already
  4. Hi all Final weights of fishing comp as follows; Kev 11lbs 14 Gary 6lbs 4 Finn 6lbs 2 Bryan 5lbs 8 Bob 3lbs 8 Walshy 3lbs 14 Dy 3lbs Arch 2lbs 8 Mick and Callum 3 roach Colin 1 roach (happy to avoid wooden spoon!) Thanks to you all for making us newbees feel welcome, and thanks to Kev for organising a great weekend. i will post a pic of Garys pike if I can figure out how!!
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