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  1. Depends doesn’t it , has the owner not showed it or the dog just wasn’t ready for the one it saw? If the owners not atleast shown it abit of something by 18 months that’s different to the dog not showing interest till then
  2. Wrong ! Different breeds take longer to mature , it’s up to you as a own to know if you dogs immature for it’s age
  3. Your average man with terriers 2 is enough , a old friend of mine had 8 when a professional and still wasn’t enough I use to go up with my two , he was out 7 days a week during the season either hunt days or stopping , as for lurchers 2/3 always suited me , a young dog , main worker and a pensioner
  4. Won’t do the job of a pure really
  5. Winning all the shows because there mates the judge It’s all abit sad really isn’t it
  6. I was at the VWH today , a lot of terrier boys there all the big names if you want to say , huddled up next to there trucks
  7. I’m pretty soft with mine usually a raised voice and a good stare at them will get most dogs to stop what there doing , when it comes to stock I can be heavy handed because it’s a big thing in the armoury , my current lurcher has never looked at sheep so never needed that heavy hand
  8. Exactly that mate , alot of people lock there dogs up all day and night and get upset when they don’t preform
  9. Well there is that my old memory struggles sometimes , il think of something sooner or later
  10. Yes to be fair I haven’t got alot to say your pretty good at keeping your cards to your chest , old military boy see
  11. What me to do you dotty or hot meat as you were before
  12. That’s the confusing bit for me , he’s harps on about being anti social and not liking people but offers every man and his dog down
  13. You really are a special young chap
  14. Go walk 30 miles or something mate go find some fallow bucks with that deer dog of yours
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