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  1. Seams a honest post best of luck in rehousing them.
  2. Iv had a gamble on year old lurchers from pet home's that worked out handy tools and my best x2 lurchers I had were bought for 90 each paid my money took my chances got x2 remarkable outstanding lurchers, don't get me wrong went threw loads in the process trials of dogs and bringing on pups
  3. What % if bread right very handy tool, we're is the pup out of?
  4. Feb and u had nothing that season, as aaron01 says mate.
  5. I know mate was in a mates yard well a friend of a friend, still to this day it crosses my mind did he get offered money he could not refuse and sold him on while I was away.
  6. "£150 for the both pups" surly you mean £150 EACH?? Tidy cross best of luck.
  7. Thanks bird, best lurcher I ever owned was bread similar saluki bull hound whippet, was an all rounded dog long ears durn the day and would pull all day long and everything in between, only fault he had was hitting cover to hard would lodge himself in the bush while the rabbit skipped back out and trot along the bush to safety while hes making a meal of trying to wiggle out of the mess he got himself into, how he never broke his neck ill never know lads when out would always pass comments on how he hit the cover iv never seen anything like it but was a disadvantage when out on the lamp looking for rabbit's, I brought him out on a dig @12m just for the walk and maybe a spin on a long ear if one popped up it was a bonus long story short got to the end of the dig and the dog we had to pull spat it out and my pup was dead eager to have a look rely should not of done it but let him have a look turned out there was two in there pulled the both of them out one after another gave him a quick roll with them both and released the query he never looked back since was a superstar in the making until id to go away for a bit and the dog hung its self over a wall while on a bolt and chain. (He could not go on with out me so he took his own life pmsl lol hahahaha) was not funny at the time but can look back in humour now.
  8. Thanks mate, for now a quite first night out of him is all I want :-D
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