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  1. I wouldn't even explain myself ?? Look legit to me any man carrying a line for 20years must be a serious dogman.
  2. Sire and dam look racey enough to catch, anyone looking for a fox dog these look the part and sound the part don't know the dogs personally or jigsaw but if I was after a pup for fox I'd certainly be getting in contact to find out more, these look the type of pup's you just don't see on gumtree free adverts ect look guneine to me.
  3. View Advert Working, Collie whippet hound Collie whippet hound Female 2yr old Lamping Doing rabbits and reds (single handed) Location Derrylin Price €300 Advertiser hang & bang Date 08/06/20 Price £300.00 Category Working Lurchers
  4. Pm for further information or questions
  5. We're shown are age now ?? kids these days have the battery's build into the lamps ??
  6. House alarm battery I used to use ?
  7. I'd x2 dogs of Andy he was easy to deal with and pup's were in good nick, thy never made the grate unfortunately, a pup is always a gamble nothing to do with the breeding just wasn't to be picking a 8week old pup is a lottery
  8. £1,400 for a whippet is madness even if that's the going rate for a show dog them pups are 11 days old if I read it right witch means thy might not even be show quality like working dogs I've asked show people before and thy would say the same as working dog men probably only about 3 of a littler of 10 would rely make the grade, buying that young is madness could be over or under shot witch means it's not show quality Madness Im lost just don't get it
  9. Have I missed something here? Is this the going rate for a show bred whippet now? I reamber 10/15 years ago even fully ped whippets going for very most 300 and thy were from working dogs
  10. most I paid for a lurcher pup was 350 plus 100 transport was a minshaw bred dog from the black Jack dog that Andy had was about 12 years ago never worked out for me that dog paid my money took my chance wasn't to be that time.
  11. How far is he willing to travel ??
  12. That bottom dog you would not of seen before unless you were searching the history of the Neo dogs long dead that dog.
  13. Ruined all working dogs mate every single last one of them shower of c**ts
  14. Stand back and watch the grate work of the kennel clubs world wide class act the c**ts ??? The neapolitan mastiff Pictures say a thousand words.
  15. Rared one from a pup before she was very biddable, all the basics sit stay heal jump ect she picked up in only a matter of days she was a first x came racey enough unfortunately I never got to work her due to a change in liven arrangements I left her were I was staying were she still is to this day she's 6 now, she had plenty of drive in her she would work a flirt pole for 40mins a session never opened up once even worked a spring pole (all four feet on the ground) I always said given the chance I'd get her out for a spin but it's got to the point now if anything happened to her I'd never hear
  16. yes A.I very easy done once the measurements are right, also someone with experience to do it
  17. Akita's I've worked a few on both sleeve and suit all had shallow bites thin nerves, and buckled in small spaces and wouldn't re-grip.
  18. Seen a littler bred and worked, none of them made the grade all lacked gears and noisey b*****ds yaping That breeding didn't click not to say it won't work for others, just my experience in what i seen.
  19. Yes was 2013 when he got him is mate collected him for him, was a few in the littler a small brindle dog a big brindle dog a fawn bitch can't remember the rest all seamed to work out, tonzer was the sire and I think holly the dam some mad f**k called Danielle bred them
  20. Ye Scott's at it longer then most over there started off with bulldogs, then had rukes, then Ajax might had a few inbetween but rukus and Ajax were his first proper Shepard's Ajax he got in 2013 I nearly bought him before Scott
  21. Thats Scott's yard were the ban dog is been worked on the table I know it well ?
  22. Bit extreme that ? once there on the chains it's alright ? I'd be 99.9percent sure those dogs aren't trained to refuse food if someone rely wants to get in thy will it's not that hard.
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