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  1. seen small dogs work a treat and big dogs dig on where necessary. Has already said it depends on ground, but if a dog is willing to work and does its job it usually finds a way.
  2. Ask about round where you live they might be known. Pictures would help a lot to. Shit place to be. My head would be a right mess.atb
  3. I've found they work really well when used appropriately. I tried walking through no end of stock to no avail and was surprised how fast he learnt from the shock collar only cost £12 on ebay.
  4. I'm not surprised it's getting smaller with the prices they charge. I think Wortley show is on Saturday but not 100% sure.
  5. Same in south Yorkshire. Never been loads of rabbits but last season it looked liked they where making a come back in certain parts. But since easter time not seen many at all.
  6. If you ever do owt for nowt make sure it's for yourself.
  7. Ear nowt, see nowt, say nowt.
  8. Going to see a man about a dog.
  9. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  10. Mate of mine had reeces bred bitch few years ago. Game as they come. But also manny... not much speed but would plod all night. And had a brilliant nose and find game out of lamp.
  11. Heard of it been done years ago but it wasn't single handed, a should imagine it takes a couple really good dogs to pull them.
  12. Crackers them mate. Brindle would be my choice. They look in really good nick. Atb sher1
  13. Very nice. Any vids from today's outing?
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