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  1. jonesy


    Cheers lads
  2. jonesy


    Anybody know what licence you need to drive a dumper/tipper the big huge ones from quarry,s open cast mining,all i keep getting directed to is building site dumpers. Need to change jobs
  3. Did lyndon ingles not create a typey ebt that was more athletic and like the old types,dont know what they were used for.
  4. jonesy

    Old Photo's

    Some cracking old photos there
  5. jonesy

    What you listening to at the moment.

    No idea how to put a link up ,but check out Nathaniel Ratelif and the night sweats,best song is SOB
  6. jonesy

    rap videos

    Who cares,not a big fan of rap,but why ban something just because a certain few people don't like it,each to their own.
  7. jonesy

    Grandchild no.8 !

    Congratulations, have seven myself
  8. jonesy

    Strange wildlife you've witnessed

    Me and a mate were waiting at a hole for a terrier when a fox walked up a wood toward us but then went straight up a tree,the tree had been uprooted but was tangled with another tree about twenty five thirty feet up,on closer inspection it looked the fox had been using it often as there was a flattened down area in the branches,conifer.The fox wasn't being hunted and it didn't know we were there just walked up the fallen tree.
  9. jonesy


    Spot on thanks
  10. jonesy


    Does anyone know of any books on foraging for food in the UK, not just mushrooms? ?
  11. jonesy


    Does anyone know of any books on foraging for food in the UK, not just mushrooms? ?
  12. jonesy

    terriers and terriermen 2

    Does anyone know the seller of this book in the earth dog running dog,wor lass ordered it about three weeks ago and its still not here,ive tried the number but i dont even get a dialling tone
  13. jonesy

    Ford Ranger

    Bought this last night 52 Reg double cab Has problems,calliper sticking,feels under powered,drove it first for a while till it built itself up,then got it going up to fifty. Im not a mechanic ,£650,could be easy fix for someone who knows
  14. jonesy

    Ggg V Canelo

    One fight to look forward to
  15. jonesy

    Arthur Nixon.

    Only just reading this never met the bloke,but all i know who did had nothing but good to say about him,a mate had a dog bred of him,i can honestly say id have a kennel full of them if i could.RIP