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  1. Obviously, we all know its a fake/hoax blah blah blah... But, If this lad really has taken this "photo", then why is it a screenshot, and not an actual photo?
  2. You obviously haven't tried feeding kids rare beef .... looks good to me F.O D I've just put a boneless leg of lamb in here : No I haven't. But I have tried feeding them Medium-Rare beef, lamb & venison.... and they love it
  3. In your opinion, others will say it's just right. TC yes, of course, my opinion
  4. The best way to catch a hare is with your boot
  5. so, does anybody still run Minshaw dogs
  6. does the 17th edition cover extension leads then
  7. my kennels are powered from my C.U on a 32a mcb, on a split load board, protected with rcds.... the cable is 6mm t+e in metal conduit underground, then continued in metal conduit up the kennel wall and terminated into a small C.U .... it powers 1 fluro
  8. make an extension lead with whatever size you want,..... aslong as the "fuse" is the "weakest link" in the circuit its no good putting a 13amp fuse in the plugtop if the cable isn't rated for 13amp, as the cable would burn out before the fuse!
  9. ill be the first to agree that a daytime hare is a lot more different to a lamped hare. but ill stand by the fact a good daytime dog wont last on the lamp..... I've seen It with my own eyes.... but vice versa, a good lamp dog wont last in the daytime....
  10. and plenty of good day dogs really struggle on the lamp.
  11. i wouldnt bother... there was an 'article' comp years ago on hear, i came in 2nd or 3rd.... i never did recieve the lightforce 170 VP "prize"
  12. nelsons customer service is A++ and, as an added bonus...... he doesnt get himself full of wine, and make/send abusive calls/emails.... unlike one of his competitors
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