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  1. Mink

    Cast Iron Skillets

    http://www.ronniesunshines.com/12-cast-iron-skillet There's also a 10 inch version.
  2. Mink

    Lurcher Committee

    Because their owners can't agree on anything and they're getting sick of if.
  3. Mink

    Odd Catch

    Would love to see the taxidermists face when you take it in to get stuffed and mounted.
  4. Mink

    Fell Boots

  5. Mink

    Fell Boots

  6. Mink

    Web Site

    http://www.knifebargains.co.uk/acatalog/Catapults_and_Catapult_Making_Kits.html They also do knife handle scales as well , might be worth a look.
  7. Mink

    Feathered Game

    Sounds like you are not throwing your dog high enough.
  8. I can just see the the posts about this "Can anyone help me , I'm trying to juice a mole , I want the ....erm....female juice from it. I've tried using my Mums Phillips Juice extractor that she uses to make my Dads orange juice and it made a hell of a mess in the kitchen. My Mums now banned me from using the kitchen and the mole was none to pleased about being stuffed into it , I think I'll use a dead one the next time. P.S. Has anyone got a spare kettle they can lend me until my Mum calms down"
  9. Mink


    Rats get better fed than I do. Home made brown bread , Ham and brown sauce , Mars bars and peanut butter. Let me know the next time you're setting some traps I'll pop over for a quick snack. Got 2 last week using just a slice of apple , also tried peanut butter as well in the past , and chocolate spread for a mouse that was doing my mums head in running about in her attic..
  10. Mink

    glis glis

    Just checked on line about this and found this http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/ourwork/regulation/wildlife/species/edibledormice.aspx
  11. Mink

    glis glis

    Do you need a licence to trap them or kill them ?.
  12. The attached link has some info about breeding 2 merles together. http://www.lethalwhites.com/doublemerle.html
  13. Mink

    Ratting with my young lurcher

    Leptospirosis vaccination for dogs - http://www.leptospirosis.org/topic.php?t=6
  14. Mink


    one of my ferrets is called fatty.....and there's always a tidy piece in the waiting room when they call me up, not cool! Be class if one time your in and theres a big fat lady sitting beside you and the vet comes through and says "Right then Fatty".......................and she gets up.. pmsl that got me mate I can't stop laughing I always wondered why I was so popular down at the vets , now I know why. My dogs name is Heshunglikeahorse and my cats name is Fukslikeabunny.