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  1. 15 months and starting to fill out nice!!
  2. Handy first dig this season for this fella 2ft
  3. If a man is replacing a dog that don't work out it has to be the fairest thing iv heard of any terrier man doing!! Hats off to anyone that has done it
  4. Don't no of that bitch but I know bosco was ment to of been worked up until he was 11years and his brother bruno was aswell. They trew good stuff both them!! They were 3/4 pat 1/4 border as far as I know black bess was pattxborder and alf was patt!!
  5. That's the dogs I was enquiring about a few pages back was wondering if anyone had them going still!!! Alf was boscos father and bruno was his litter brother and as far as I know black bess was his mother!!
  6. The short strong dog on the right in the picture with the pair of dogs is a cracking looking animal undertaker
  7. you starts them young Grunter it will be awhile yet before mine see a bit!!
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