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  1. harddigging

    Deer Poaching Crack Down

    im guessing thats an end off night picture that someone has took an had later confiscated. if the garda were out an about pulling deer out off dykes i dont think they be doing it at night under lamp light.
  2. harddigging

    Kennel Ideas.

    i think its important far a dog to see out even if its just watching a bird on a roof top while the dogs chilling in the sun, they will be hearing noises but not seeing what they coming from and having an open pen will allso aid ventalation, not knocking your pen pal just saying what i think are the very basic requirements for a dog
  3. harddigging

    Nights Lamping Cut Short

    clean it out with paroxide from a syringe an keep it dry an clean be healed in a week or two be to late to glue
  4. harddigging

    My New Pups Romeo X

    have you one out this litter mush
  5. harddigging

    Sire For My Greyhound Bitch.

    breeding out off a greyhound in this day an age is a mistake full stop imho
  6. its still augest this earlly harvest is gonna catch a few lads out an lame there unfit dogs up
  7. harddigging

    Crackin Night Again.

    his stamina better than my colliexs, regards the brains side of it, i find the colliexs are like thinking type dogs meaning thinking about the runs it does or the quarry it going to chase or tackle, where as he just go in does it regardless quarry or runs, if that makes sense.? To me a gsdx grey got a different mind set to a colliex grey , his 2sisters are the same and another brother the same very full on type dogs he sounds a very usefull dog and nimble for his size and weight allso, at 28tts and 87lb he sounds a simular range to the more popular malamute x how would you compare the gsdx to the mal x
  8. harddigging

    Crackin Night Again.

    is his stanima and inteligance on parr with the collie x's off past
  9. harddigging

    Crackin Night Again.

    thats some height and weight dose it not hinder him in any way
  10. harddigging

    Any Computer Whizz's?

    is your lass still denying the porno bill that came in the post
  11. harddigging

    Joe Kellys Bitch

    ive no idea but im sure he loves having his name put up an folk asking for randon pics off his dog
  12. you couldnt breed a good first cross in this day an age
  13. that neck is far to big for the head lol tottal oposite to chid21
  14. another way is to mix it with wallpaper paste and do the same procedure, but the best an easyest was to get rid off mares tail is to put neat cheap bleach on it.