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  1. Nae c*nt aboot yer way? Best advice a can gee ye is start talkin tae folk aboot yer way wae dugs that are clearly oot dain a bita work. If am honest whit yer askin is dodgy business these days. Learn as ye go, read as much as ye can, talk tae c*nts and try find folk doon yer neck eh the woods. Aw the best laddie.
  2. Stoater! Hopefully turns oot a good yin. Aw the best
  3. Nice yin. Aw the best wae them pal. Get some mer pics up when ye can.
  4. Gettin yersell known is best id say. Otherwise you'd be aswel lookin mer local laddie. Cannae come on here, first post saying ye want a pup. You the polis? ?
  5. Nice wee looker BN hopefully does aw yer wantin and more. Back tae School noo eh ? loadsa learnin tae be done.
  6. Hahaha that number is gona be goin non stop noo... and no for the right reason. Get tae know yer local farmers that's the best way. I find if ye dae a good job and yer no a d**k then they are happy tae recommend ye tae ppl they know anol.
  7. Every dug needs tae learn eh? Nae dug starts oot perfect. But aye, get the owner telt tae wheesht! ?
  8. Awrite lads & lassies. Lookin tae get masell a new Catty. I like the look eh the PPMG+. Tryna find out if its worth the cash, looks a nice bita kit. Any info wid be appreciated ? ...Side note, if ye know a "better" Catty that ye wid recommend, let me know. Cheers!
  9. f**k me mate!! That's a hard yin tae even read nevermind experience for yersell. Gutted for ye big yin. Atb for the future.
  10. Im fae West central Scotland bud. But id happily let ye know when im up yer way. Unfortunately wilnae be for a while nae doubt but. Wae all this Covid19.
  11. Leave some bunnies for the rest eh us ? ye huv some class dugs there pal. Nicely done!
  12. Cheers for the pics big yin. Those dugs are stoaters!! Good on ye ?
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