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  1. Alright lads was just wondering if theres eny good worker to worker litters comeing up soon ? Thanks ATB
  2. Really need a cuple of kits

  3. conshie


    In need of a couple of kits as aye lost my old gilll at the end of The sesson ther gutted aye am near Glasgow if thers eny about give me a message plz Cheers atb conshie
  4. conshie

    Ferret Wanted

    Really looking for a kit so a can bring it up myself so if yous here of eny give me a pm thanks boys ATB CONSHIE
  5. conshie

    Ferret Wanted

    All right lads as the tittle says went out to feed the ferret today and she sadly past away though the night am gutted so need a ferret young or old near Glasgow thanks atb conshie
  6. conshie

    cant wait

    no you cant beat the feeling R.A.W lol got buterflys all ready just thinking about it av only got the wee jill the now tryin to get a hold of a other jill at the moment i have always workt 2 jills but lost 1 last year soo looking for a replacement atb conshie
  7. conshie

    cant wait

    just cleand all the nets dug out all the gear from the shed ready for saterday will bee my first trip out this year soo see what i can get in the bag will let yous noo how i get on atb conshie
  8. conshie

    A spot of bunny bashing this morning.

    aye it was a good day out shaun sept fae that wee part timer forgeting the drinks lol wee will get a day out nixt week when the big dugs fixt up conshie
  9. conshie

    MY DUGS,

    nice looking dugs ther stig look very handy atb with your hunt conshie
  10. conshie

    100% earth dog

    hope you get what u want sam
  11. conshie

    100% earth dog

    well maybe he has lost a dog this year and he wants a working dog to work for the rest of this year so gee the boy a chance not trying to start a arguement or enything but ther are sum boys out ther that arint fannys atb conshie
  12. conshie

    patterdale terrier dog for stud

    your dug gets a roll n sausage and a cup a tea fur breakfast lewis dnt hink it hud eny rabbits or rats infront of it neverminde killing enyhing and plus wit age is it one one and a half maby lol but thats just my opinion :boogy:
  13. conshie

    A mooch local.

    was a good day out shaun same agen tomorrow see what this other dug is made of atb conshie
  14. conshie

    Pre-set or traditional?

    tradional is the way for mee ma man
  15. conshie

    A great morning out

    was a good wee day out but the rain was a nightmmare soked tae the bone