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  1. When your meeting and where mate I was a member years ago did it no they still had one in Kent
  2. some people haven't got the money mate but would give her a good home I will make sure she get a good home mate or she will stay here it ant about the money when I was starting out I would of jumped at the chance to have a Bitch as well breed as she is in the kennel for a litter and a season or two for a bit of fun mate
  3. Price is 150 now just want a good home for her
  4. It won't let me put pic up but I can send to u through WhatsApp
  5. Getting out of the game mate just not getting the time to go out day time or lamping she is a fast bitch mate and good on lamp in not fair on her to sit in the kennel
  6. Saluki bitch for sale 5 year old good little bitch not a World beater but honest bitch she is top breeding out of Megan x taz Megan was out of snowy x jack taz was out of Charlie x lady she is about 24 at shoulder quiet in the kennel and a lovely temperament want to £250 work day and night
  7. Tried to message mate but saying you are full in inbox
  8. Tried to message mate but saying you are full in inbox
  9. Tried to message mate but saying you are full
  10. Well I can't remember him talking to me about that on the phone like I say you must have good hearing or selective hearing will leave it as that Shelly we turd
  11. He might of told you years ago but he didn't say that on the phone you must have good hearing or I've got bad because it is me on the phone to him
  12. I heard it years ago from jp and I was with someone just a couple of weeks ago and jp was telling them the same thing on the phonei no Who you was with a couple of weeks ago And he did not say anything about that so wind your neck in down south Beetlejuice
  13. Supposed to be a hell of a worker
  14. So let's not make this into a JP Topic and it's about Hagler
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