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  1. Since we have a new mayor of London that is a Muslim. I will be voting out.


    But what's it like near livestock? Dogs and birds.
  3. Who cares anymore. Hes got to be the most annoying heavyweight in the history of the sport.
  4. To be honest its bollox. All about cash end of. If mayweather takes the fight, Then he goes down on my estimation.
  5. Definitely not TUFFTY talk,as I ain't a lieing kunt.


    It is, just under a different name

    Great Week

    Wilf,im glad your smiling and happy mate. Your a very lucky man indeed mate and good luck to you. You deserve it.
  8. Pmsl Teas on me lap again lol lol
  9. Its total bollix. Fit for one fight but not the other. I think the bbbc will have something to say about it. Seem as those are the ones that demanded the fight in the first place.
  10. TUFFTY

    West Ham

    No sticks or seeds please Only the finest organically grown green. Got lovely bit of Lemon Diesel just finishing in the jars right now Recorded delivery for me please. Lemon only. Cheers
  11. TUFFTY

    Fury Vs Whyte

    Brilliant pmsl
  12. So hughie the traveller is mates with a jamaican from brixton? Yeah what's the problem with that Not at all crusty. Did ali tell you?
  13. So hughie the traveller is mates with a jamaican from brixton?
  14. TUFFTY

    West Ham

    I have seen the sea round your way, it would put me off water for life too ! Lol lol I reckon it was a lack of arse hair and coal dust that did for them......proud but poor working class men, faces like a Norman Rockwell poster, load of stale hovis under each arm, a picture of fat Sam in the pocket of their NCB issue donkey jacket close to their heart......driven on by the tears of Defoe and Biggus Dickus Advocat.......no Sergio Tacchini wearing, Lacoste sporting shandy drinker was going spend more than a quid in their local......drive them into the sea was the cry !! Pmsl Spat me tea out reading that pmsl
  15. TUFFTY

    West Ham

  16. TUFFTY

    West Ham

    Its not about biting. Its about taking the piss about a mans disability. Two entirely different things.
  17. TUFFTY

    West Ham

    Now this is a West Ham thread. So keep it to that. Anything other than that use the pm button.
  18. TUFFTY

    West Ham

    Max if I call you a c**t, then yes give it back to me. But when you start on about benefits and brains,then it aint feckin on son. You can call me whatever you like. But DO NOT take the piss out of my health issues.
  19. TUFFTY

    West Ham

    I only take it to heart when someone takes the pish out of me havin a disability. Then it gets personal. Anyway stan your keep net is about full now mate
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