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  1. Dam about 24 this pup like 21 at 6months not seen sire but heard he pretty big but Iv got a bitch off the previous litter but to a deerhound cross and that like 26
  2. Naa never known her to bark yet fingers crossed it stays that way
  3. Sire a mali dutch herder cross and mams Wheaton saluki grey she only about 4-5 month in that photo not as radge as I though it would be learns fast can see it being alright dog not bad for free
  4. This one of mine a little belter 22 to shoulder very stable minded thing but still knows her job best dog Iv ever had
  5. Don’t look to far off same breeding of mine cracking bitch not best feet on her but she does what needed
  6. Thanks mate I would have good few if I had the room
  7. My fell terrier bitch pip cracking little worker
  8. I’m using a diablo at the moment think there not bad got flat bands on mine seems to the job well
  9. My pat bitch pip about 15 months old in this photo
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