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  1. 9pm itv1 tonight Marco's great british feast. Says in the paper that he is doing a game dish. Might be worth a watch.
  2. Hi all haven't posted for ages but anyway, almost every sunday for the past few months at my grandparents house i've gone out with the dog in the fields. He knows where the rabbits are (a hedge that runs along the lane) but the problem is there is only one hole big enough for him to go into without getting seriously stung at either end. He doesn't have any problem bolting them, but because he has about 15m to go before he gets near them, and they can obviously hear him charging through, they're long gone by the time he gets there. My main question is, is there much i can do bushing with just one dog or is there something I can do to help him?
  3. was wandering around with the dog yesterday at my grandparent house and went into a small old barn where they used to keep chickens before the fox got them, on the off chance that there might be something ther, as soon as we went in the dog ran straight for the corner where there is some old tools, when i got there, i saw that he'd got a smal mouse. it isn't much, but im so happy. any one who's reading i would like to know what your dogs first catches were
  4. I was just wondering, does the length of a terriers legs make any difference to how well it works?
  5. On itv now there doing game cooking
  6. This is hector at 16 weeks what do you think?
  7. I know what it's like finding a secret collecting spot has been found about 7 years oago when i was 8 i used to go looking for conkers in a wooded area cant remember where now. one day in september just before school was about to begn again i found some b*****d had already taken almost every single one!
  8. i just read in the internet that you can eat a "honey fungus" has anyone here tried it?
  9. The backs just didn't get enough ball robinson played well though
  10. Just wondered what sort of wild mushrooms other people eat. The only one I've ever eaten which I found myself was a "bloody beefsteak", which grows on oaks in the autumn.
  11. my grandad used to do it, he said the best bait was liver.
  12. How about something for the younger people, say 14-18 years old? I know there aren't many but it would be nice to talk to some other young people
  13. I'm fifteen and i guess i'm prety lucky cos my grandad has a good bit of land and since i got my first terrier in july i've been spending as much time as possible in the fields even being late for sunday lunch at the moment i'm just lerning where most of the wild life is and my dog isn't fast enough yett to catch anything but were both learning and so in a few years time fingers crossed we'll be much better at it than we are now!
  14. Are sassos a type of chicken, like a bantam or a type of bird?
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