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  1. insurance is a rip off. why dont you think about a different jeep. could try a fourtrak. at 18 i wos paying 1750 on my own policy, and that wos fully comp. you can get insurance where you only drive 3 days a week, how can they prove what days you drive?
  2. been thinking about a boat fishing day. what is around these waters at this time of the year cheers all
  3. shake them if there a cock they will rattle
  4. axsor a very good gun. flat bottom can beheld on knuckles. well balanced gun. bikal sxs clean gun bucks both in south wales
  5. i'm lookin for infomation on mole catchin course's. if ant one can help. cheers
  6. hi all. looked at a l200 trojan today nice motor. will the tax on this be silly money. i cant seem find the emmisions on the net. and any advice from people that have had them greatly recivied cheers
  7. [bANNED TEXT] you after for it mate. pm me if you like
  8. logun now sold. sorry i've not been on been away to a funeral
  9. i have one logun axsor .22, cammo sling, simmons 3-9x40 scope, 8 shot with pump £230 also have air arms tx200, leather sling, simmons 3-9x40 scope, no case. not used much. but in fair condition £65 i'm in mountain ash. can deliver or meet.
  10. got GENERAL M/Ts on my 4trak now really good. got them for 50 a corner got me out off some stuff
  11. biggest money making scam ever. if they trained people to stay on the pavement there would be no need for them at all. cars dont jump onto the pavement to knock people over. all in all i hate them
  12. hi all any of you eaten or made nettle soup. i think i fancy it. they are only about three inches high now.
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