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    Systems/Storage Manager working in Reigate, Surrey. Three children aged 4, 6 & 8. No spare time.<br /><br />Enjoy shooting, clays & rough.<br />4 ferrets, 3 jills and a hob.
  1. This one makes me laugh every time I watch it:
  2. Yup, and the smell of EP80/90 diff oil :wacko: Ian, youv'e got a 90 if I remember correctly? mad
  3. I love mine (1989 One Ten). It does what I need, goes where I want and has been very reliable to date. I can fill it full of dead things and not worry about the trim getting ruined, tow a cattle trailer full of equipment and also fit 10 people + me in it which is a boon where we live as taxis are £40 just to drive down the road (robbing b*stids). Ok they have their faults and I'm not saying they are any better or worse than other makes, but I love them. For anyone interested. I have a site here dedicated to my Land Rover One ten /mad
  4. Watch if you have more than 7 seats as I phoned EVERY SINGLE one of the so called Land Rover Insurance specialists in the back of LRO and not one of them would insure a One Ten with 11 seats. One muppet at Lancaster couldn't understand why the original engine had been retro fitted with a 200tdi and another didn't know what rock sliders were. After several hours of being jerked around I went with the NFU who are brilliant. You have a winch, no problem Sir, Rock Sliders, No problem Sir. Original engine replaced with a 200tdi, I can understand why Sir. Brilliant service with a company that knows what a Defender/One Ten is (I had to explain to one company what it was FFS). mad
  5. might be better in the for sale section.
  6. They really are something else. More videos from them here: http://youtube.com/user/BowlerOffroadUK
  7. looking very slim with their summer coats. Will take some pictures this week and PM them to you. Their Court has stood the test of time and four ferts so pleased with that, thank god after the work I put into it .
  8. I have had mine since last year (2 jills from Stubby, and a jill and hob from elsewhere) and I am waiting until next year to breed. Wanted to give it two seasons before breeding so I can get to know my workers and only breed from the best. /mad
  9. Not much. 300 is more refined and quieter. Was was fly-by-wire from 1997 in the UK. And later ones had an EGR. "The 300TDi has a single serpentine drive belt for alternator, power steering etc, better soundproofing and a few small internal differences compare to the 200TDi. Power outputs of the two engines are identical." The 300tdi does though get the R380 gearbox rather than the LT77 "You can't take the pistons out of a 200tdi with the engine in situ because you can't get the ladder frame off with the engine in." mad
  10. Nice disco. they look great with a lift and snorkel. Get those tyres changed asap if you can (bleeding expensive tho). I have General Grabber TR's on just now and they are rubbish. Looking at getting some BF AT's soon so I don't spend all winter stuck in the slippery clay soil we have here.
  11. Another vote for a landy. had mine a couple of months and am in love. parts cheap can fix it yourself Big and solid insurance through NFU who are superb. mad
  12. Oh they look adorable! Lovely pictures. /mad
  13. It's the BF Muds on steel rims I'm looking at. These Grabbers just fill up with mud within seconds leaving me with slicks. Was thinking of going with 255/85 as a good compromise between width and height. Bleeding expensive though. /Mad
  14. Hey, your not being picky, just passing on your knowledge about landys! It is the only way i have learnt what little I know, by listening to others. But, it is definately an R380 as reverse is down and right. And a 200tdi, albeit with a 300 airbox (or so I have been told). See: and mad
  15. After many many years of wanting a landy I have finally bought a 1990 110. It has had a 200tdi put in with an R380 box and is in fantastic condition. Chassis is solid and well looked after. Previous owner had a log book of everything he did to it and when. Oils changed every 3k, chassis done once a year. Good motor. So far I have fixed a few niggles, difflock level wasn't connected to the selector arm (it really hasn't been offroad!) and rear window demister wasn't working because the voltage sensitive switch had failed (bypassed it with a lead to earth). Apart from that it is fine. Next stage is to bin those awful bling alloy wheels and tyres. The GG AT's are rubbish and I really need some serious mud tyres as we have had 'issues' everytime we have been out. Ok, the fields were like lakes and the soil is heavy clay but even so, the treads fill up and I go nowhere. You can see more pictures on my web site regards, /Mad
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