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  1. bringing on a pup, shes 6month and has not problem jumping. god only know how but she managed to scrabble up a 5ft brick wall the other day i was out fishing with her and i left her one side of the wall while i lifted my stuff over i think she thouight i was leaving her behind haha. but thats the problem she doesnt jump and clear things she just jumps to the top of them and pushes off. shes probably learnt it from the terrier cos she copies everything. also i probably made the problem myself cos instead of building a little barrier as a pup i just had her jump reasonable sized objects for her size now she knows easiest way over is to scrabble or put her feet and push off the top she nearly got caught up in a fence the other day cos of that. any ideas? iv still got the baby gate from when she was a baby she can clear it now. do i get her to jump it and only praise when she clears it? few pics o the dog too
  2. i dont do the facebook thing, is their any decent groups, especially for someone whos bringing on their first pup? cos god forbid asking a "stupid" question on here.
  3. its very easy if you have three hands, if youve only got two then it takes a bit of learning haha
  4. i wondered why we hadnt seen any new videos for a while so sad mate, you did very well with that mink. gave it the best life it could ever have in captivity. im sure she is doing pretty well on her own!!! hope you find yourself another great hunting companion. i cant remember what your dog is called but i hope the lurcher is doing well.
  5. why can they only be ran by pure greyhounds? seems odd
  6. iv noticed the populations that seem to do especially well are the ones where say you have a field surrounded by woods with a warren on each side (large gene pool) as opposed to more isolated populations if so that would imply it could sort itself out with time but i havent really noticed a proper drop in numbers local to me
  7. or a .410 haha. i probably watched too much steve irwin as a kid but is it difficult to pin them down with a long stick and cut theirheads? off i suppose its too much risk with a brown snake, iv only ever had fleeting glimses of wild snakes in england sometimes see them basking in the summer but by the time you have spotted them they are gone
  8. i love jack russels too, this is purely opinion but a lot of terriers are kept as non working pets and jack russels seem to keep their working genes better my mum got one and you cant take it anywhere without it catching some scent and working it. a i know its parents didnt work and probably parents after that didnt but saying that when i met the mrs she had a yorkie x with a laparapsu or however you spell it and it went from being a lapdog for 7 years to hating squirrels with such a passion iv never seen before in just a few short week of taking it out with the catty, i think it got bit finishing one off and since then it will follow them from tree to tree so aggressively they sometimes fall and get caught, i mean its rare but epic when it happens. shes bigger than you would imagine and has quite an impressive bark
  9. are you allowed to kill them on your property? or in self defence kind of thing? cos iv heard in some US states they can kill any venomous snake on sight and some states they cant really do anything depending on local laws i imiagine a little .22 air pistol would do the the trick wouldnt really need much power a UK legal one would probably work
  10. they should make the pheasants into microwave meals i bet more folk would be prepared to eat it then especially waitrose MnS crowd
  11. nice colours on that pup closest to camera, wonder if it will keep them as it grows up
  12. its a shame so much gets wasted, if there is truth to it. could you imagine the outcry if dog men were found breeding rabbits just for coursing and not even eating the meat.
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