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  1. Some amazing images of Birds on here but I was wondering if this thread is for Wild Birds only?
  2. At the time we were in Lincolnshire. the guys have land up and down the country. It seems to be a varied opinion the rabbit situation. Its good to see what you guys think
  3. Thanks guys for your input I spent the day with three Golden Eagles hunting deer and Hare, was great to watch even though they didn't catch any deer. We walked some miles that day and they all mentioned that the grounds they have permission on are low on ground game
  4. Hi All, I'm in the process of writing up an article about a day spent with some Golden Eagles hunting hare and deer, but this got me thinking about rabbits and I've heard a few of my hawking friends mention a decrease in the rabbit population on land they have permission on and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar issue in their neck of the woods?
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