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  1. Yes still got six left 2 dogs 4 bitchs left been getting messed about mate
  2. Got some beddy whippet pups for sale on this site mate
  3. It an old working strain me mates got going back 20 years from Wales,the father to this litter been a great dog to me done everything I have asked from him,
  4. I it like a lawn but better don't need cutting! Message me if need more info or interested in pups cheers
  5. 1/2 whippet ,1/4 greyhound,1/4 bedlington. Both parents excellent rabbiting dogs both day and night,can both be seen Pups 5 bitches, 3 dogs all rough coated blacks / blue and brown bridle,all wormed and ready to go 10th April £200 no offers
  6. well i had them for 20 years they never let me down,would think i would do more with them now than ever and they turn few heads with number i shoot and retrieve,got beddy grey pup now to put bit more weight behind them,but be putting me first x beddy whippet dog over it in few years if bitch makes grade that is!!me dog little hard thing!!!!!!!!!!
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