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  1. that’s really interesting mate, and somewhat makes me feel a bit bad for my earlier post! But a lot of the folk I’ve met who are smoking while pregnant just say the science is nonsense etc etc. Interestingly I think it’s a bit like alcohol, it doesn’t necessary automatically effect the kid, some get away with it some get screwed.
  2. Don't take this the wrong way anyone, but if you can't pack in the fags, drugs and booze for nine months while you are carrying your unborn child inside you . . . . . . . then you're a selfish c*nt.
  3. I used to live in Hungary so I went a couple Of times around 2007/2008/2009
  4. Funnily enough I’ve been to ozora a couple Of times
  5. Thank you. It’s that kind of response I was looking for. Simply put I get the idea behind it, but the second someone is trying to black mail me into something which they should be able to make me logically see is good ...... I get resistant. I think that’s understandable ?
  6. Thanks it’s nice to have a scientific angle rather than “you’re a bad person and killing old folk if you don’t have it “
  7. Ah yes not really my scene but I have been known to be found at 2 am in the local walk about drinking rum, and shouting at folk
  8. You may not believe this, but I’m a past life I used to run a record label and a series of club nights in some quite big clubs and also put on raves and illegal free parties
  9. Like I said I’m not currently swayed either way as such and I have only not had the jab through circumstance I am just trying to understand some of the stuff being said to / at me. And I’m trying to understand the restrictions. The night club thing isn’t an issue really, if I want to go out and haven’t been jabbed will just buy a Covid passport off the dark web.
  10. Granted. But there isn’t any logic in it. That’s what I struggle with. If I’m being told I have to do something I’d like a half decent logical explanation
  11. Wasnt looking for the usual school yard scrap. Genuinely just a bit confused. 1 in a million chance of dying from Covid apparently. 1 in 100,000 chance of having heart damage from the jab. But all of that aside - my question kind of was, if it’s personal choice and protection why are we being forced ? And why can’t I go to a club if I can still catch and spread it with the vaccine ? What’s the advantage
  12. They are discussing making it compulsory mate, believe me. Yea night clubs may well be. But how am I effecting anyone else if I go to one not jabbed ? I can still get it in the night club and still spread it on ? How am I saving an old person if I have one ?
  13. But actually they are talking about forcing people. About making it either compulsory to have it, or if that’s questionable on legal grounds, just making your life very hard to enjoy if you haven’t. Not wanting to flog a dead horse but I’m struggling to get it. Surely it’s only protecting me ?
  14. Ok, so I’m not usually one for putting stuff in this section. But it’s just spinning around my head and would be interested on folks thoughts. So first off I’ll say, I’ve not had any Covid jabs. Not initially for any political reason, just because I was busy and lambing when they offered it to me, and I didn’t get to it. But now, the more I hear, the more highly questionable is sounds. I won’t be able to travel without a jab, I won’t be able to go to a festival or a night club .....why? Just heard that by me getting a jab it could save a vulnerable persons life
  15. Wouldn’t worry mate, Mixy will kill them by winter anyway, I doubt you will make a huge dent if they are an issue.
  16. A lot has changed. Was a very very different place 10-15 years ago. Lots of hunting talk, good folk, and even the idiots were of a higher calibre
  17. By the way the rape was cutting, i this they might have been a bit keen lol. Probably right with the spring crops to be fair. Some better than others but its gonna be late.
  18. They’ve cut the winter barley, just starting on the rape now, but the stalks will make it unrunable for a bit, spring crops be a week or two yet mind.
  19. Marvellous. I have just finished my tea and run out of stuff to watch on Netflix while it goes down over to you donny
  20. Sounds like you live in a good place. Get a bull x
  21. Bonus points for the name. Looks like an Alan to.
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