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  1. Thank you. The build certainly lends itself to heavier quarry. The Apbt strain he carries certainly popped come year 3. His type back to a pure sighthound would likely be ideal for most.
  2. Likely different selection pressure. Chosen based purely on speed/athleticism rather than environmental soundness/strong nerve. Once it’s introduced to a line - it’s hard to remove.
  3. Certainly appreciate the tip. Next time I head down there I’ll give it a go. I think a lot of it is insecurity/self preservation. Think his confidence would be higher if he was started on something that didn’t weigh more than he did. Changes the relationship with the quarry just starting out.
  4. The batch that escaped and the sub -adults that were captured and removed. They’ll test a dogs mettle, and put holes in a dog quick the 100-120lbers tend to be the most dangerous - fast moving and agile - overall a very positive trip for the boy who likely suffered from under exposure, lack of work and low effort. Glad that with time he’s progressed. Def a dog who needs the fight brought to him to get him hooked
  5. Took him to tx, and introduced him to some hogs. Would have liked to have started him on some small ones - but they escaped the night before. Ended up having some sub adults between 80-130lbs. it was a rough intro. They charge dogs. A few unpleasant run ins and he got with the program. They take off running and He’ll sit hogs down. Run em down, Hit a leg and just dig in. I like the regrips. But would have preferred straight ear holds. I think he learned about the hogs business end.Tried choking him off the grips and placing him on the head - he’s just work his way to the back.
  6. Been on a fair bit of fox chases the past couple months and is beginning to airscent. He’ll key up on an area before the quarry starts moving, both fox and deer. He’s also learned how to follow the beam - learned that it = eyeshine. He’s not quite as fast as his pure lurcher buddy, but they hunt well together and his nose yields hidden game. Fur season starts this October. Looks like he’s ready. Really need something that’ll test his mettle.
  7. Winter came a went - as did a few chases of the fox. Our area is full of them. One particular lesson was invaluable - where he investigated an area where the fox was bedded down, and was able to pair the scent with the quarry. He followed the scent until the fox made a move. some of these guys are extremely bold, we’re able to call them in with rabbit distress calls played off YouTube - we’ll start setting the dog up for success and hitting some fields. This just happens to be the woods behind the house
  8. There are designated seasons for aforementioned furbearers as well as landowner nuisance animal “takes” permitted
  9. They’ve got some size to them. Tough skin, no neck and are all muscle with long teeth. Giant ground squirrels. One of my female mastiffs took one yesterday and had some minor teeth marks to her neck. They don’t last long with a proper crunch to the body. But they will turn and defend themselves.
  10. Ha. I’d enjoy him more if he was a faster starter. But alas. Comparison is the thief of joy. My heavy deer/wolf x’s were much more useful far earlier on fur but I also raised them from pups. Did a fair bit of foundation work.
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