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  1. as far as i know a scaffold netting is less flexiible and thus takes way more time to put in a rat proof way over uneven ground over rubbish over remains of undergrowth and stuff like that. i prefer a heavy flexible netting that takes the shape of uneven ground quick and without much efford.
  2. had a ratting ferreting job a few days ago. the rats had there hide out under a container a fire wood storage and a caravan(with loads of storage put underneath) all put next to each other. i worked the place with my 2 terriers and 6 micro/mid hob ferrets(weight 500 to 700grams). but because the rats had so much narrow crawl through hide outs to go from one cover to the next without any chance of my dogs to grab one. 2 of my hobs stayed under ground so long that i got worried that they might had walked away. non of the methods that i normaly use to get my ferrets back seemed to work so i was
  3. what type of collar is used with that unit?
  4. does not seem like logic to me, and also does not match with my experience. but if it works out for you that is all that matters. if however you come up to a rat burrow one day and the dogs clearly tell you that there are rats down there and your ferrts cant get them out. think of what i told you and try a smaller ferret. you might just get results then.
  5. what do you mean with large and small size jills? at what wheight is it large and at what weigth is it small? i don't agree on the a large jill can get anywhere in a rat burrow that a large jill can get. and that would also be strange and unlogical if that was so. i breed extra small ferrets so that the ferrets can get into the smallest rat burrows where they can't dig because of roots and or stones eg. i still prefer to first use a big ferret before i start working the smaller ones. but when i know there are still rats down there that the ferrets cant reach i will use the special forces(my sl
  6. can you also put up some pics of your self made purse nets? i've been thnking and also trying fishingnets as longnets. but the ones i treid where cheap china momofilament gill nets and these where impossible to set out and after that reuse aigain. i treid them for rats and not for rabbits.
  7. have not treid that green sheeting/mesh. my thought was that this also would not follow the shape of uneven ground as simple as nylon netting. (but have to be honest i have not realy treid it yet) and i find that longnetting rats is differnt than rabbits. for rats it important that the rat first can run over a peace op net that lies flat on the gound before it walks against the net that stands straight up. this is important because otherwise many rats crawl under the netting. of what material is that green sheeting mesh made? is that not poly propyleen?
  8. i agreed with the collour is of no importance execpt for light coulours that are easier to find in bush and such. but now that i have about 25 ferrets. the differnt coulours/markings do come in handy to know who is who. i keep different colour collars on my albino's now. now with the ferret kits on their way a whole lot of identification chalanges arrize with that much ferrets(been thinking about hairpaint for that)
  9. for me it is both hobby and work. it did start out because i had a ferret and there where not many rabbits to hunt. i'm still happy when i get a rabbiting job because of the change and because of the edible rabbits. but i still love the rat hunt. even though i hunt rats many times a week.
  10. treid the chicken wire before. but still perfer a long net. it is way quicker to put up and down. not as bulky and heavy, and more easy to fit on uneven ground.
  11. i got one of those and that one is indeed more slim design. also i think the later magnetic colars mainly stop functioning because of the magnetic switch after some years of use i sill hope that in the near future an even more slim design would be available though.
  12. the market for a new ferret finder could be better if the collar would have a more slim design than te deben collars. there might not be that many bunnnies. but there will not be a shortage of rats. and for the narrow rat burrows the deben collars where to big most of the times. the collar coud be made more slim if they woud use a slim 3v button cell. and not stack the print on top of it but rather use it next to it. i would love it if someone could make such a thing. doesn't anybody here have good contacts in china? getting a few deben finders there and make them
  13. i do a lot of ratting with my ferrets and dogs. i now use an old wing of a fyke. i use the netting not to really get the rats tangeld up in it but just to prevent the rats to go from one hiding place to the next. i bought some netting on alliexpress and treid to make a long net from that. and it does work fine for sttopping the rats. but the netting is so light that it is blown up by the wind. and it rippes to easy when my dogs catch a rat inside the netting and also when there are brambels and such around. so i'm wondering if someone else here would know of a netting that co
  14. when long nts are offered for sale there is usualy 4z or 6z or 8z aded to the discription. but what does that mean? i expect that the 8z is the thickest ropes used. but if so how thick is a 8z rope? and why and when would you choose for 4z and when for 6 z or 8z? i got one 50 yard quick set here i bought it second hand so do not know what size z it is.
  15. my ferrets are so used to the cages that they can open them and go out of them again.
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