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  1. Anyone using heavily based saluki dogs for ferreting? how are people finding them and experience?
  2. It’s mad how your all writing this today. I’ve got to put my old dog down today 10 years old his mind is still strong but his body has failed him he can’t walk anymore and is now messing himself some of my best times with this boy learnt a lot and have great memories they just don’t live long enough. Enjoy them all
  3. There’s good working strains of ebt about. anyone used one for first crosses before
  4. Very nice would of said it was a first x at first look
  5. I can never understand anyone think you have to high class to own such dogs what dog do you own right now what breeding all you have to do is devote your time and effort to any dog feed it well exercise it well train it well you only get out of a dog what you put into it if you like the game what is stopping you owning a dog like them there are many good well bread dogs for sale, you have to decide what do you want a dog for and what can you handle i.e. what are you experienced to use everyone started out green or schooled by father or grandfather or a friend.save your money a lot of good breeding out there and not expencive a lot is to do with the man that owns the dog and the effort he puts into it, you can be a millionair but if you do not know what you are doing it will not have a good outcome for you, Plenty men on here will give you good advice and plenty will give you bad advice up to you who you believe save your money go get a bit of breeding people will help if you are a genuine lad if you lie to people doggie men will find you out and you will be finished that is the dog game ( Do not think there is big posh circles that is bullshit it is all about the dogs that is all give it a go if you can devote your time to taking a good bit of breeding in remember one of the best dogs I ever had was I got it for nothing someone wanted it got as the could not afford to keep it and I could not afford to buy one ) Think before you open it there is no big men just good owners and bad owners. Sorry for the spelling lads I am just back with the dog at 1.30 am and having a beer alone been out from 10 pm with the dog sorry about spelling just can't understand someone saying that.Fair enough. I get what your saying and a lot of it made sense I only ment it that people seem to keep there breeding to there self between close friends. I don't run dogs with anyone I go out alone keep myself to myself I learnt what I know (which ain't much) from what I read on hear and going out and doing it. Sorry if what I said upsets you mate didn't know you was having a beer and would get all arsey about it you mug
  6. ever decreasingWhat do you mean mate
  7. Nice breeding and dogs, would love to be in the right circles for one of these Atb with them
  8. Nice mate Not always what they catch but how they got there and back
  9. They are preparing you for when they want to chip humans They are already trying in the US
  10. Hi lads looking to find out when and where my local hunt are having meets and who is my local hunt Iam in Hertfordshire and really want to go and support them if anyone can help would really appreciate it or even where I can get the info I need Thanks
  11. Lovely solid looking dog like that dog and breeding very nice
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