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  1. Permission is a bit like money. Money makes more money and permission leads to more permission, farmers all know each other and if you come on do a job and are respectful they will speak to Dave at the next farm and so on and before you know it you have 5 or 6 farms. Work hard to get one permission, respect it and the owner and more will come. Don’t ask for permission as a first post on a hunting forum. Good luck though.
  2. Can the people that have no interest that there could even be a small possibility of big cats in the uk just stop coming on this thread? Or at least just read shake your head and not comment the same stuff over and over? It’s a good interesting thread and one that should just be enjoyed for what it is. Just leave it be for gods sake your adding precisely f**k all!
  3. Thanks mate, you to. Hopefully they both turn up.
  4. Don’t the Chinese like to eat fox?? Heard it is utterly inedible not that I have tried it myself
  5. Thanks mate, I’ve put some cage traps down with rabbit in them and got landowner keeping an eye plus Mrs put it on Facebook as a footpath runs near to where I lost him. Just got to keep trying and hoping really. I lost a jill about 8 years ago and 27 days later she wondered up to a beater on a shot day fat as a pig and I got her back so there is hope.
  6. Sorry for your loss mate that’s shit. It’s brutal mate but if it’s any consolation the dog died doing what he loved. We all know every time we run a dog, put it to ground etc it’s a risk but life’s a risk and would be bloody boring if we didn’t take risks and they love even more than we do. Lost my best ferret on Saturday spent all weekend looking for him and been back in the week no sign. It’s only a ferret I know, not the same as a dog, but it still hurts and hate to lose a good animal.
  7. I get upset about digging to a rabbit over 2ft definitely not interested in a deep dig through the rocks . Glad you got him back
  8. Browsing through instagram yesterday (I don’t have Facebook) there’s been some amazing numbers of rabbits caught this season already. Trevs posts just back that up, considering there’s still a lot of talk of rabbits disappearing been amazed at the volume been caught this season. One team had over 240 between 5/6 in a day! Incredible numbers. Trev you always seem to be able to produce the numbers week in week out, keep it up .
  9. Personally I often find kits need a bit of time and best to be patient, some will take to it straight away but don’t give up on them if they don’t do a lot at first. Got a cracker here from last year and almost got rid as was so inconsistent. One minute great then next trip rubbish but by the end of the season he was first ferret in the box and just did the job no problem.
  10. Class as always Trev. Keep posting mate always enjoy the pics and videos.
  11. That’s pretty rubbish, some people’s opinions are stuck in the past unfortunately. Plenty of clueless men out there hunting and doing damage to land etc. Good luck finding some people that are a bit more open minded.
  12. After several years resisting the locator I bought one around 20 years ago and now wouldn’t be without one. Would be a sad day for me if I went out collarless, I have several atm but hopefully by the time they break someone will be making them again. The technology is pretty simple would think for the right person or company would be a nice if niche little earner.
  13. Class day mate and a quality dog in Tilly. One thing that struck me was how the warrens only looked ok, didn’t look absolutely heaving with loads of spoil etc and fresh digging but they were obviously packed with bunnies! Keep up the good work!
  14. Personally I think all the nay sayers just need to take a step back, the tone is getting fairly aggressive and all basically aimed at poor Greyman. I enjoy reading what he has to say and whilst I think it unlikely there are big cats in the uk no one can be 100% sure either way but I would LOVE greyman to get his evidence. Until then let’s just not force the one man that keeps this thread readable by constantly belittling his beliefs. Spread the love gents
  15. Hate to sound negative but if you reckon it’s only going to last 16 days your dreaming...the first lockdown was only 3 weeks and look how long that lasted, never really ended still loads of stuff we can’t do even before cases started rising again. This will go on all f***ing winter and country will be on its arse come spring then all the pro lockdown media and public may be regretting it especially when lockdown related deaths will be higher than deaths actually from Covid rather died with Covid.
  16. Probably the only pussy he destroyed that night after that
  17. The wounds and injuries that wild animals can live with and recover from are incredible, you have to be pretty tough to make it wild . Human beings used to be pretty tough but in my opinion the majority have gone soft, Covid proves that with bells on!
  18. I believe that the Australian rabbit tsunami started with a mere 24 animals...and we all know how that ended!
  19. I have owned beddy whippets and worked with other people’s and also seen collie greyhounds work etc and just feel the collie x’s have a bit more bid ability and intelligence than the beddy’s. My beddy was a very intelligent dog mind and I would 100 percent own another in a heart beat I just always fancied a collie x whippet. I think either beddy or collie x whippet are fine rabbit dogs, personally not a fan of the bull x for rabbits though.
  20. Don’t understand why there aren’t more collie whippets bred, to many people obsessed with bull blood. In a rabbiting dog (which is all we can legally do!) just no need for bull blood, I have always wanted a 3/4 whippet collie but whenever I have been in the market for a dog they just aren’t available...anywhere! Got an absolute cracker of a dog whippet at the moment and in time I may try to find him a collie bitch or a collie/whippet.
  21. I think it’s all about the situation of each area that the reintroduction is planned for, from what nicepix has said bears where a terrible idea in the Pyrenees but in an area with plenty of natural food and space why not? Frankly, although I am not actually suggesting it, a few wolves round me would be a good thing to control the deer population which is frankly out of control. You can see herds of over a 100 fallow no problem at all round here and with no natural predators it’s down the cars and people to control them and with no market to take that volume of deer most stalkers seem to just take the odd one which doesn’t even dent the numbers. They do far more damage than rabbits to crops also. That’s what happens without natural balance. Yellowstone’s large herbivores have benefitted massively from the introduction of wolves as has the park in general as over grazing has stopped and allowed natural meadows and flowers to flourish again after being stripped bare before. A better balance all round creates a better ecosystem. The herds are now smaller but the remaining animals are stronger and have more food to eat. Natural selection at work.
  22. Spot on. Regarding predation on sheep you need to break the cycle and the bears /wolves will then find other food sources. The older shepherds obviously lost some sheep but nothing unmanageable with use of dogs etc. Make the sheep hard to catch and the predators will turn to other prey and then nature will take over, to many wolves not enough ibex wolf population falls lots of ibex wolves increase and so on as had happened for 1000’s of years. We have pretty much everything as species we can learn to live with other species.
  23. Fair enough I understand the reasons but I genuinely think the dog would rather a life of little bunnies and hunting but with you than plentiful hunting but the huge psychological upheaval of moving homes etc. Right decision and good luck with him.
  24. Can’t personally understand why you would even consider giving the dog up after owning him for a year. Dog is a companion first and hunter second in my opinion, that bond you say you have should stop any thoughts of letting him go. In terms of the dog you are lying to yourself in a massive way if you think sending him to another country is going to be anything other than hugely distressing and upsetting for him even if he does eventually settle with another owner. You buy/breed a pup you should own it for life unless something truly exceptional happens. Hope that doesn’t come across to strong but hate to see good loyal dogs passed around. My opinion only.
  25. I assume the walls themselves are where the rabbits are living and they are unferretable? I don’t have any walls in my neck of the woods so they are all new to me!
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