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  1. From one newcomer to another i spent six month messing with ebay bands etc but found it easier to buy some rolls and few bits cutter/ruler and play about with tapers it all adds to the learning curve
  2. great stuff i really cannot wait to get a bit better come the autumn/winter, and just for a laugh heres my first frame that i nearly chucked up the fell that little bugger gave me two nasty knuckle strikes i just couldnt get on with it at all !!!!
  3. Now theres a idea stockpot i aint had time to get the hacksaw out yet so you may just of saved me a job cheers
  4. The copy i got i found really helped me get stable as a few other frames i tried i couldnt get on with, suppose its each to there own some good pics there
  5. So got tubes made up yesterday but the clips on scout copy dont grip them very well also got a little wasp frame which ive had bands on and tried but not sure if i like how small it is to hold with a decent draw band on it... might slot the frame through to accept bands on the scout copy
  6. Arh i see now under the screw thank you
  7. Thanks guys and i am using a scout frame like yourself mr wilkes i take it the tubes hold no problem clipped in the same as a flat band
  8. Ive been using flatbands .75 and 9.5 steel but ordered some 1745 tube as ive cast some 10mm leads for hunting in near future, do many of you use tubes? Also on a short draw would these tubes handle 10mm lead in a single set up? And what ranges do you all shoot lead up to for hunting, the mould i bought was a ebay fishing sinker type size 1 which for £13 works really well
  9. Try and get some red bull cans split just for Jok
  10. Rough n ready band jig and celtic catty dark destroyer in .75
  11. After trying for the best part of six months different frames, bands, ammo, fork hits and not to mention two nasty knuckle strikes ive turned a corner! My final try was a scout copy frame before chucking it all in ha, so tonight with the new frame fitted up with celtic catty .75 on a 20/15 taper 9.5 steel i am destroying red bull cans at 10 out to 15 metres Excellent frame and bands and just seems to fit, so if you are a new comer like me try different set ups it may take awhile but i got there in the end, highly addictive is this catty lark
  12. Hi picked this up for £200 with pump its a 8 shot can anyone help with the model its .22 and shoots 5p groups at 40 yards no problem
  13. Looking for a rifle cabinet to hold two rifles .17 and .223 whats suitable thats out there or am i better getting a shotgun one and seperate ammo box. Whats your thoughts people
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