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  1. It's a cracking coarse river DC.. never quite know what will pull that rod round next..
  2. Well I should have been ripping this lot out today but the River Tees was up a tadge and nicely coloured so sacked it off .
  3. 2015 this one and still good .357! Been looked after but haven't been a fanny with it.. had some gear with it and still no probs
  4. My go to on the River Wear in Co. Durham for a bit of night time seatrout fly-fishing. Nothing flash but pleasing to catch on your own. 1/2 " to 2" in length, in plastic, ally and brass tube gets me a few. Shiftwork limiting me getting out as much as I'd like. Bags and draws full of fly tying gear.. roll on retirement.
  5. Keep an eye on the for sales section. Bargain of the year coming.
  6. Another one bites the dust! Nothing for a year and 2 in a week! . Hard to tell which way this one came in from.. traps span around 90°. Tie- wraps came off.. are old and quite brittle now.. or maybe was frozen to ground and caused a bit of bother when it was triggered? ( been down to as low as minus -8° around here recently. Had to boil kettle to get box lid off. Last pic...promise before I let's this post sink back into the depths! Will keep at em!
  7. Must admit... I've pinched all the idea's off the good lads off here and their post's past and new so all credit goes to them! Feel free to post some pics and welcome to the site Dappled
  8. Shed must be 30 years old now and stood on railway sleepers..lived here 20 year's and the auld girl to my left says it was here at least 10 years before me. Repair it as and when needed. Might treat myself to a new one this year. Gravel and slabs were an after thing and don't actually go under shed. Must admit.. everytime I go in I expect one
  9. All advice welcome!.Got two boxes down, one on each end of shed, they not been moved.. might look it in pics but caught in them both. Weather getting the better of them now. Neighbour got local pestie out and shot some poison down a while back.. catches slowed down and ground to a halt until yesterday.. blaming him for the lack of action! .
  10. Well, after about a year of inactivity with it set 24/7....
  11. River Wear a bit low and clear for a spin so took off for the River Tees which is still carrying a bit. Took the feeder rod.
  12. A change from the River Tees. Had 3 hours down the River Wear this morning after finishing a nightshift. Water dropping off and coloured after a good lift so took the spinning gear. Fish returned..
  13. Thanks mate. I really should start weighing some of these. I've had a few out around about that weight out of that stretch. Must have been 2+. I did get its length though at 16".
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