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  1. Display problems? View this newsletter in your browser. BASC Head Office, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HL General enquiries form | 01244 573 000 BASC ready to fight legal challenge to rearing and releasing gamebirds This morning (18 July) Wild Justice, the crowd-funded extremist anti-shooting campaign, announced that it was writing to Defra to challenge the release of pheasants and partridges on the grounds that these conflicted with the requirements of the Habitats Directive. BASC believes that the Wild Justice case is weak, misinterprets European law and ignores the benefits of shooting to the environment. We have instructed lawyers that, if any legal action results, BASC should be registered as an 'interested party' to oppose the claim. We have also briefed supportive MPs and Peers, who have spoken to the government and have received assurances that any legal challenge will be "robustly defended". In a statement issued to the press, Caroline Bedell, BASC’s executive director of conservation, said: “This is another extremist attack on shooting by those associated with the League Against Cruel Sports that ignores the well-documented evidence of the benefits of shooting to conservation and the wider environment. “The Code of Good Shooting Practice, which sets out the framework for sustainable shooting, includes reference to Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust research which sets out figures for sustainable game bird releasing that do not damage the environment. “Studies show that well-managed shooting is of benefit to the environment and conservation organisations and the government has acknowledged the benefit of shooting to the environment. For example, shoots maintain 25,000 hectares of cover crops which provide important sources of food and shelter for songbirds, particularly during the winter, and shoots actively manage 500,000 hectares of woodland and 100,000 hectares of copses for the benefit of the environment. "Shooting influences 14 million hectares of rural land management and almost two million hectares are actively managed for conservation. It is estimated that shooting provides for 3.9 million work days being spent on conservation each year, which is the equivalent of 16,000 full-time conservation jobs. “Without driven shooting the rural environment, and our economy, would be significantly poorer.” ......................................................................................................................................................................... Phil
  2. philpot

    Gamo magnum .22 Tasco world class scope

    If you have 'tweaked' it Tim, I will put a small wager it shoots really well now. A cracking gun for someone. Phil
  3. philpot

    Beretta Micro Core recoil pads,new

    Just a thought but these pads vary in length so perhaps worth stating the length or what gun they fit. Phil
  4. philpot

    12 litre 300 Bar

    if they are divers tanks, they will need testing every 2 or 3 years. They may have surface air tanks which is what you need but at a dive centre, I would have thought unlikely. Just my thoughts. Phil
  5. philpot

    Webley & Scott 410

    I can't remember but does this gun take 3'' cartridges or just 2 & 2.5" Phil
  6. Just found in a drawer, a Tinbum short stroke thingy dooda for an Air Arms TX / Prosport and as I will not be buying another TX, it is no use to me. If anyone can make use of it, let me know and it is yours. Phil
  7. philpot

    Free to any tuner

    Well it took no more than 10 mins on another forum and it was snapped up so now no longer available. Phil
  8. philpot

    Free to any tuner

    Nobody seems interested so I will offer it elsewhere. Phil
  9. philpot


    To be quite honest, I had not heard of them but just had a look on Pellpax who sell them and they are a good looking gun and quite a big cylinder so I assume good number of shots per fill even on fac models. It would be interesting to get a comparision with the FX Impact and as Allan has both.............................get the fingers running the keyboard and let us have the facts. Phil
  10. philpot

    Just for villaman

    Nobody can argue with results like that Billy but just think how many more you would have shot using the latest FX rifles..........................just joking I will get my hat.... Phil
  11. philpot

    Theoben rapid 7

    Can't disagree with any of the above. Mine was a .22 fac which was so accurate but a lump of a gun and as Mitch says, they do not compare to a lot of modern guns which is why I shoot an FX but that is not to say that Rapids are no good, not at all, just old..... Phil
  12. philpot

    Rabbit reccie

    My pal and I went for a reccie around our largest perm which has estate roads running through so very handy to get around. This perm has had mixy with very few rabbits being seen, so we have not bothered much with it but last night was an eye opener, rabbits all over the place and some serious damage done to the crop edges. It was good to see this much activity in an area that was showing NO rabbits in April / May so it looks like we are back in business. Phil
  13. philpot

    My heads in bits

    Well done Jimmy, you have a cracker there mate and I think you will get on far better with this than the Impact as it is simply more your sort of gun AND easy to have altered to fac if you get that sorted. Better than an AA ultimate sporter as well imho. Envy is starting to creep all over me Phil
  14. philpot

    Venturing into pcp's and HFT

    Nice little gun, enjoy it matey. Phil
  15. philpot

    What are your views on...

    A friend of mine has recently bought one and is over the moon with it but not actually seen it yet. I used to see a chap every now and then at the range who shoots with one and his comment was that all his other rifles can go if needed but that is one that will go in the box with him. Phil
  16. philpot


    A combination of both Tim and RFB suggestions work for me but the nest/eggs only seems to work once so if you don't get them first time out, you won't on follow up attempts or at least thats how it has worked for me. A shot magpie on the floor with a decoy and the matches drives them mad but not always that still to enable you to get the shot off. Phil
  17. philpot

    Rabbit reccie

    A very valid point Deker but we are not pest controllers however we help to keep the numbers down to the point that the estate farm owners are happy with our input and have been refered to other farmers to carry out the same work BUT as you say, there is a difference between what you do and what we do. I assume you offer a paid service as opposed to our pleasure shooting. As it happens we have been asked to clear rabbits from a large country house gardens and this will be 100% pest control. Phil
  18. philpot

    Ferals and rabbits

    Nice going me dukzz. There are a huge number of ferals around my area at the moment, mainly because people have not been out shooting them, all due to change however. Phil
  19. philpot

    Where to buy a air cylinder?

    If you have an RFD who takes in s/h air rifles, he will also take in s/h air cylinders as well.. I have bought 4 in this way for both myself and friends ranging from 4 - 12lt. Give Crawfords in Scunthorpe a call to see if he has any and how he could get it to you. 01724 846 000 Phil
  20. philpot

    My heads in bits

    To be honest Jimmy, the AA is not in the same league as the Crown in my humble opinion. I know you like heavy guns and the AA is heavier than the Crown BUT the balance in the shoulder is way better with the Crown mate and as Mitch says, it is a rifle that is designed as an FAC with around 80% of production being what we class as FAC. If I could afford it, a Crown .22 fac would be in my cabinet. Not sure the Impact is for you Jimmy as you didn't gell with the one you had and with all these guns you either love em or hate em. Good luck with your head bashing my old pal. Phil
  21. philpot

    FX CROWN......again

    I just had a look at Livens and they certainly like FX guns but very surprised to see only one o/u shotgun on their site but as they list a number of semi autos, I assume they simply are out of date with the stock list. Looks a nice place though with a cracking selection of live ammo rifles, a couple of which have caught my eye, decent prices as well. Phil
  22. philpot

    FX CROWN......again

    You know it makes sense so waste no more time and join the FX club. Phil
  23. philpot

    100 Float

    Might be worth contacting these guys to see if they can do anything. https://www.hw100tuning.co.uk/ Phil
  24. philpot

    100 Float

    As strange as it may seem, I agree with Mark Phil
  25. philpot

    FX CROWN......again

    I had the Streamline and it is a nice gun but not to be compared with the Crown. If nothing else, the balance and feel in the shoulder of the Crown is way way way better than the Streamline. Phil