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  1. Has anyone used one of the above? my lighforce 170 dimmer I’m finding is lacking a bit at the minute and the price of the 240 dimmer if you can find one is harsh. Also like the light weight of this but before I drop the coin was wondering if others had used? cheers
  2. Apologies to any of the lads who have messaged etc, I have been away and back now. Meetings are held last Thursday of the Month at the Bay Horse Inn, Bay Horse Lancaster. We have our own room for the eve and the reason we have kept the location quiet is so that we can monitor numbers as they have had a strict covid policy in place. They still insist on masks when moving about in the venue and as they are doing us a favour it has been hard to just make it public in case we get vast numbers turning up so I hope people understand. Memberships do run Jan to Jan but tbh, it's no
  3. I was a teen going to those shows, proper crowd and the lads that owned the pits put some work into them and with them, that you could see. Scared the life out of me some of those dogs, no wonder they bred some great first crosses.
  4. Full support of the organisation now. Looking to add new members to what is a great club for the terriers
  5. Older bitch has done ok, tried a few things and apart from a bit of yelping when she got nibbled not taken a step back. Big lad has come on well, done everything asked from him and not a fault. He isn’t a great rabbit dog though some days he misses little. Not much game around local and not able to travel has hit us hard.
  6. Possibly pointer cross lurcher going over her in. season or two. Would have been tempted to put the big lad over her but too close or might speak to Davey about one of his Bedlington Crosses and keep a bitch back to eventually breed to the dog.
  7. Saluki Cross x Working Lurcher, Bit of terrier bit of collie. Bred by Fuji off here, Both of them have his Boots Dog as the sire
  8. Mine though these were a year ago, he is a bit more solid now at 2 and a bit
  9. Border Lakey type here, he was ten weeks old there but nearer 6 months now. He is bred for allsorts but all worker to worker though reminds me of the old type fells I used to have back in the mid 80's.
  10. Nice to see you back posting mate, boots still looks a picture of health. Hope the pups are doing you ok. Will have a catch up soon.
  11. Both out of Fuji's dogs, hairy one is his Boots x Fenn ( Saluki cross x all round lurcher type ) Big Lad is Boots x Roxy ( Saluki cross x 5/8 3/8 Bull. )
  12. These two for this season, need some refreshing on the lamp but fingers crossed they get plenty of opportunity
  13. been a great read this, persistence pays off
  14. Nothing to add but I ran a Pure Grey many years ago that was as good as anything I've had since except stamina wise, did get a few injuries due to pace but it killed everything from small rabbit to deer and had a hatred of teeth. I still reckon it was down to the fact I got him in my early teens and did everything with him. Never owned a lead with that dog after the first two weeks with him and used to sleep with my cat. Cracking thread this, thanks for everyone's input.
  15. very jealous, I need one of those after trying to forge a hardy bick from inch and a quarter tool steel
  16. is that a little power hammer in the corner there too? Nice set up
  17. Mine is an old bbq, coke fuelled and a bouncy castle blower to add the air, melts steel in seconds if I am not watching...
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