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  1. Signed, but I think there’s a long, long way to go
  2. underground

    R.i.p Steve Ellis A Great Man

    Love to hear about the old boys, any stories?
  3. underground

    Compound Bow Maintenance

    I bought a bear attack compound bow brand new about 4 years ago, I have used it twice! What maintenance should I do to it (if any) if it is just stored and not used? One day I will get round to selling it.
  4. underground

    Chris Cornell

    Temple of the dog! What a voice with Eddie Vedder
  5. underground

    Wanted A Bit Of Steak

    It's a Sunday for God's sake, get the roast on!
  6. underground

    Another Worthwhile Petition ....

    Done pal
  7. underground

    Wax Leggins

    Duck dri in ibstock Leicestershire make some good gear
  8. underground

    Boxing Day Hunt ?

    We went to the quorn at prestwold hall
  9. underground

    Caroline Ahern Died

  10. underground

    Jan Porter

    Apparently he was 60, good angler, the man in red
  11. underground

    Jan Porter

    Just heard that Jan has died, good angler, RIP
  12. underground

    Angola Bans Islam

    I had to look twice at the title, for a minute I thought it said 'Angela' bans Islam!!! Now that would be some u turn!
  13. underground

    This Petition Is A Must Sign.............

    I did see it in a few more sections after I posted this!
  14. underground

    This Petition Is A Must Sign.............

    Done, but should it not be in the general talk section so more people see it?
  15. underground


    He's a big lad. Bolts foxes. Haha Your not wrong, I bolted a vixen with him about 6 months ago whilst we were bolting rabbits to the gun, my mate missed it as well!!