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  1. had a dig to a border dog 3wks back, only 3ft, he worked ok, he had been to ground afew times befor but this time he got a result, not a world beater but he will do , his litter sister has not been dug but i have bolted 2 with her not a world beater but she will do,
  2. 270 pounds thats brutal, maybe have abetter day totomorrow,
  3. was up earlyish picked the missis up from work,we had breakfast and i was out with the 2 terriers for a look about, had to cable tie my leggings as the button on the loop snapped off, got to my usual parking spot and it was all taped off with coppers tape, parked up, it was hammering it down collars on the dogs and off we go , i had my head down as i was walking and noticed some slots was thinking there to big for mutty to big for roe and just as i looked up the 2 dogs were off 4-5 fallow just ahead well no good shouting them back, walked on to the wood, 10 mins later and they came back, i t
  4. anyone know if the fella that makes the wax leggings is still in buisness, ive lost his number, and i need to replace my old ones, waxwear or weatherall, thanks
  5. blackbuck your spot on, im getting on for 60 and I would not of stood by and watched the poor fella get a kicking,
  6. will be in angus stakehouse Friday night, next to hotel, don't care about the rain, if angus is not open will be next nearest bar - restaurant.
  7. im going to retire in 2yrs and thats the type of dog im after, 26-27 tts would be good ,
  8. was out in the rain as well hedgecrawler, been limping around with a bad knee for 5weeks, the borders put up 2 mutty and afew rabbits, just glad to get out, missing the lurcher though,love getting out this time of year see whats new and whats about.
  9. sad news that fireman, the hawk is back, today i herd a noise looked out the window and the hawk was walking along the hedge bottom on the lawn,i think it went for a sparrow in the hedge, will have to make a frame up now.
  10. if the hawk comes back i will make a frame for the front,one that we can just lift off,
  11. thanks hedgecrawler, lets hope its a one off.
  12. was just having some tea and toast when the wife shouted me. dave come quick theirs a kestrel attacking the birds, i jumped up and and went to the window which was open, and seen it was a sparrow hawk , it had 4-5 goes at the mesh to get the canarys, i had to shout and clap my hands to get it to stop, the birds are a bit quiet now, does any one think it was a young hawk, learning his trade.
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