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  1. LOL very true and I am out there for all to see, but then again I have nothing to hide either.
  2. But I did not give you permission to look you just got lucky cause that post was set to public. I class that as spying and now if I've got time going to spy on you.
  3. I get what you saying and if he was in that state then defo a no no, but he was fine I reckon I would get more buzz of a glass of coca cola than he got off that bottle. I know how daft some lads get once came across a bunch of lads and one had shot him self straight through knee with pelet gun, daft twat just carried on trail of blood behind him did not feel a thing cause of what he had had was crazy and lucky nobody else got injured, funny as though.
  4. We was sat in a field chilling enjoying the sun why not have a bottle we both work hard, I've been boarding a caravan today carrying and cutting huge pieces of ply you know it's his way of chilling. And how do you know it was not me shooting I know how to use a gun. Yeah he does spout shit and argue aggressively and I do wonder why myself as think it stupid and told him that, but he does belive it or not listen. and take all of yours advice in and uses some off it, just won't tell you lots that.
  5. it took him over 3 hours to drink, we was there hours even taught the rabbits something new .... I know you think he's a twat and he would go out with a gun pissed as a fart stummbeling all over place but he would not! If I thought for one moment what he was doing was stupid I would of told him and took gun off him and he would not argue cause my guns are way bigger than his will ever be.
  6. Was private land, no livestock present or people around, no footpaths in the direction the gun was pointing and it was one bottle, gun in bag got in my transit and i drove home nowt wrong with that or illegal.
  7. All that and I do OK for a single parent living on my own it not for money...I like a good laugh though and he does make me
  8. More like smash his phone and hold his money back so he can't buy another
  9. That's not him that's my little lads dad....... ffs did you have to not seen his face in years. And OT calm down you arse and stop thinking your clever and winding every one it not working they think you a dick which you are after 12 cans but as a rule your just about bearable now behave your self listen and learn.
  10. I think they already been out a while
  11. Were did you read I was snotty? That's fine I took no offense sort of a bit of a complement sturdy and strong glad you did not call me a cow.
  12. That's fine what does that matter got nothing to hide come see me for brew if you want
  13. Yeah defo a female name eh
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