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  1. Haha I would have taken that dog off his hands lol
  2. You are quick as a whip! Meant to say lad and edited it as soon as I realised that it said lady, but clearly not quick enough for the Aussie whip lol
  3. A fifteen year old lad in Woolloomooloo! The classic tale of a misspent youth with a happy ending lol
  4. I only just saw this message now (I don't get on here much these days) but I always like hearing your Kelpie stories. For some reason my Kelpie doesn't like to jump, I have been trying to gradually get him higher and higher, then I try get him to jump on the ute or over a fence and he doesn't want a bar of it! Anyway I was playing with him in the backyard and he starts barking his 'serious' bark and I shone the torch over the back fence, which is about 6ft high and saw a fox. Because he is young and learning I fired him up thinking it will confirm to him they are quarry and to be pursued and h
  5. I disagree, send them over, the last lot they sent over did brilliantly
  6. Haha, that is hilarious, you can see where Don gets it from! I reckon some of their family dinners would have been quite a show. He will romp it in 2020, love him or hate him he is the biggest show on the planet BY FAR and that is not changing any time soon...
  7. I really enjoyed this thread and I think you have done brilliantly to maximize your chances of getting what you want. If I was in your part of the world I would have loved to have taken a pup from this litter. I currently own a pure male Kelpie (my first Kelpie) and I really enjoy having him, he seems to pick things up quicker than any dog I have owned before but he does lack that extra gear when pursuing game. He is only 13 months old but I know that I am going to enjoy having him around until one of us passes on.
  8. I don't agree with man handling women but some of these vegan protesters do my head in... I think it is one of those situations I can't say if it is right or wrong. If that was my daughter I most certainly would make sure he took his hands off her and then have stern words with my daughter for being foolish. Whether that means I think it is right or wrong I am not sure.
  9. Some women's teams (Australia, America, new Zealand)are asking for equal pay to the men and taking FIFA to court over it!!! What a joke!!! Women's soccer generates nothing (in dollar terms) compared to mens soccer but they expect the same money. The world has truly gone mad... I am sick to death of idiots attempts to hold us to ransom in the name of political correctness
  10. I feel the same, aj is doing very well for himself but something about him and his performances fails to generate any real belief in him or his ability from me. In saying that his wins over Klitschko and Whyte were impressive victories but somehow I still don't believe in him. I feel as if his bubble is going to burst soon...
  11. I have never been on Facebook and never plan to be. What is common knowledge now about FB would have got you told to put your tin foil hat on not long ago...
  12. I have not heard of this tradition before and read this thread too late!!! I will try to claim 'back pay' (don't take that the wrong way) but I have marked it on the calendar and I will not be denied next year!!!
  13. Old 'snope' seems to be trying very hard to show that it MIGHT not be islamic refugees raping in Sweden, with some interesting technicalities in the law and I suspect careful date selections, 2015-2017 for example. I bet if they tried equally as hard to show Islamic refugees were responsible for these heinous crimes and chose the time periods that would look least favorable to that demographic of Swedish society they could have made islamic refugees look really bad. Thanks for posting another viewpoint but it seems to be a very biased attempt to downplay a very real problem to me. A
  14. Definitely hare for me, if only my dogs could catch the buggers...
  15. I will watch that when I get a chance. I don't follow this stuff too much but if I hear of a good one I like to have a look. Thanks for sharing.
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