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  1. Its more finding a amall dog that punches above its wieght than it is about getting sommat to just flatten them if you know what i mean. One with the terriers in a bush is worth 5 on the lamp in fields to me.
  2. Hard to find a really good one but if your lucky enough there a good bit of fun no matter what ya getting upto
  3. I liked the little dog retrieved brilliantly lamping was ok for a dog hes size but wasnt too keen on tangling with muntjac hence why he went to someone just for rabbiting. I was lucky enough to buy a bitch abit bigger that was mad for them but she was killed on a road. You know yourself a good whippet type with a big heart is a good bit of sport on them munties and thats the main thing i go out for these days.
  4. What about it what would you like to know sammy ?
  5. Ive been after a good whippet with a touch of bull or terrier for a while. I find if they aint got a touch of sommat else there abit fragile but alot of crosses aint fast enough in the open need hedges to kill rabbits on the lamp
  6. Found them this time of year in the day laid in bramble next to busy footpaths. I think real dry summers kill alot off seen a few that dont have an ounce of fat om them look more like ferrets this time of year
  7. Think hes opinion on them depends on weather hes had his meds or not. Sometimes he talks sense other times way out there
  8. Few little trout out the stream near my place last night
  9. The pole with a loop on like a catch pole what ya reckon that was for ? To get the dogs out the pens or something else ?
  10. Beef and salt must get boring and awkward but theres definitely benefits to that carnivore diet if your lifestyle allows it. I think body benifits from breaks and changes though myself. When your on that carnivore or keto you can smell the sugar in stuff last time on keto i could smell an open can of coke just shows ya how much shit our body must filter out of stuff but i cant see them diets bieng ideal in the longterm myself
  11. Ive never had nothing at all like it before but had an operation to reattatch some tendons in my right hand and it started got abit on my elbows back of my hand and if i get cut it starts there aswell. Horrible thing to have only thing ive found that knocks it back abit is Dovobet but even that is starting to not work like it was. diets high in meat low in carbs and im fit as a flea so dont think its that tbh
  12. Aye few said the same about a bitch i just gave away she was unreal ect. Was unreal on its own terms but im honest enough with myself to know when something aint 100%. my good pal got a young bitch id own in a second same way bred just runs off heart good honest tryer thats what i like.
  13. Francie alot the ones i seen look ok on there terms if that makes sense not all but alot of them. Big deer few hares teeth that can be grabbed safely no trouble at all. I do know pf some good ones though that do the lot but ive not had much luck finding one myself they either decent on teeth but not got blow for deer or catch deer for fun but lack on the teeth they dont allways have to jack on them to lack imo
  14. If they 100% on teeth then they hard to beat but not many do though they seem to be very good for everything else
  15. Everyone different but i dont rate that romeo or razor stuff for anything tbh i think razors father produced a good type of dog. Bulldozer stuff hit n miss but seen couple i liked
  16. Anyone done close breeding and seen any negatives ? I seen two litters chuck pups with bad mouths like badly undershot/overshot
  17. Maybe line her again and work out dates and just book a c section. Shame that if you wasnt over fussed wouldve had 10 no trouble at all allways way with lurchers aint it
  18. As said all in the past now but ive allways enjoyed the muntjac although noisy when caught they pop up everywhere dont seem to make mistakes or panic too much and getting them to break cover in daylight for a lurcher is sport in itself.
  19. Think fallow just know when its a coursing dog behind them and know theres no danger
  20. My apologies levi if i took the post wrong the only thing i seen was about roe bieng hard to catch.
  21. Definitely seen some on the fens and certain other places that went very well and if you could kill them sorts consistently youve got a good animal but like you say for the most part they panic when under pressure.
  22. Ive no reason to lie levi plenty of people know me outside of this site. I dont see roe as a hardship for a dog but we all different. The hardest bit about them is when youve got a few and finding a good use for them all imo
  23. Really ? I think if a dog cant kill roe he aint worth keeping personally. Most the pups ive owmed have caught a couple by 8 month
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