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    • By Bosun11
      Thought we'd try to get a family weekend away before Christmas... The Mrs fancys a log cabin somewhere but for the prices that were coming up i thought feck it, we'd get a city break abroad for about the same. How wrong was i... Unless your booking months ahead, you aint gonna get much change out of 5 ton!
      So its back to the lodge/cabin weekend (pref with a hot tub) and if anyone knows somewhere decent and reasonably priced, please let me know, i would be grateful.
    • By GruffaloGriff
      Email from Photobucket today......changed their policy on photo hosting for 3rd party.......will block all photo's unless i subscribe......$400 a year which won't be happening :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
      All my pics on this site and other's are blocked. Anyone else having a problem? Who do you use for photo host for your pics on THL etc?
      Speak a about ransom scam....will be a lot of unhappy people :angry2: .....everyone.....bombard their emails with spam
    • By flipbull
      Got gifted a headlight off a lad I got to know from the gym are both young lads go. He turned up at the gym with his work headlight and I just commented and said they where decent. He knew I was into working my dog and said one of the lads in work had a spare and reckoned they where sh!te and he will bring me one in. So next day brought the torch off his mate in for me and was sealed in a box.
      Anyway the light might of been sh!te for the job they where doing, fitting underground cable but spot on for some of the places I go and as a back up.
      He gave me the headlight about 18 months ago and it broke about 2 weeks ago.
      When I have looked into them they have a 5 or 7 year warranty. Emailed them today, they have sent my a freepost returns document but have asked for the invoice or receipt, which I don't have. Still got the box which has one of those square scan codes on, plus all accessories booklets etc.
      I attempted to register 2 weeks ago through the scan code and it was a bit confusing but one of the questions was where did I get the headlight from? There was a list of options to tick and one was gift, which it was. I am assuming his mate was provided it by work but didn't like it for the job at hand.
      Would even pay for it to be fixed if I had to but would prefer them to do it as it will still be under warranty.
      They arn't cheap and range from £90-£150
      Any advice welcome?
    • By Phil Lloyd
      Well,.. I made it,...who would ever have thought it.....