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  1. My Grandfather Douglas was a blacksmith/farrier, he followed a line of blacksmiths/farriers, three generations before him. I spent every single moment I could with him in his shop. From the smallest piece of metal to the largest he could handle, he created simple tools, housewares/knife-wear, massive gates for mansions and estate houses, fireplace tools, and artistic pieces for homes and gardens. Best times of my life, were spent sitting on a tree stump not too far from the forge, all toasty warm with a cup of tea, and him with his little lid of whiskey, listening to stories of his adventures and long ago, or one of the many locals who would stop by to share a bit of gossip, or have a small job done for themselves. Men like my Grandfather and yourself always amaze me, and I sit in awe of the talent and soul a man must possess to take something so cold and barren, and produce such warmth and beauty. Lynn
  2. It encompasses true elegance with an edge of sexy. Truly beautiful. Lynn
  3. Miss Lynn

    Toronto van attack

    Born and raised in Toronto Not ashamed of being Canadian, just ashamed of those that are running Canada into the ground, and angry at those who put them where they are today. Dirty rotten @#$%^&*( !
  4. Miss Lynn

    Toronto van attack

    He is toast come the elections, and nary a tear will be shed except for the ever growing blood suckers, who live off of his so called "social benefit" programs and payments.
  5. Miss Lynn

    Toronto van attack

    Some of us that are Canadian and love our families that live there.
  6. Miss Lynn

    Not My Classic

    Good point. I never quite that about it in that way.
  7. Miss Lynn

    Not My Classic

    On The Road by Jack Kerouac, own it, for several years now, I tried, I really tried, just can not get through it, nauseating would be a good description for the writing. Can not get anywhere with anything by John Steinbeck. Not much enamored by anything written by politicians, though apparently it is a MUST for all "correct" persons to read such crap. Fortunately for me I am far from being "the new worlds' idea of being a correct person". Politicians lie enough on the telly, and in the news, and on the radio, I don't have to go chucking good money to wind to get to know them any better than they display to me freely every day.
  8. Miss Lynn

    Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    The sound of a babbling brook, or the rushing of a river The sound of rain drops falling from the trees onto the leaf strewn floor of a forest The smells of a damp forest Though the silence is truly blissful also
  9. Miss Lynn

    Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Ahhhhhh, a poetic gentleman I see
  10. Miss Lynn

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Damn ! Just Damn !
  11. Miss Lynn

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Would this be it ? Beautiful song