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  1. Give me your number and find out...and who is grebs?
  2. Deleted for the amusement of lurcherman 887
  3. Lived in Alabama for quite a few years. Fort Rucker/Enterprise, my boy was posted there. The people, the faith, the lifestyle, the food, all very new to me, but I learned to appreciate/love it, and now I miss it. A lot. Miss my team too, Mississippi Bull Dogs, God I love them! I am a Canadian, who fell in love with North Wales, and here I am. Part of my year here, and a smaller part in Canada.
  4. I miss the south, too many extraordinary things there not to miss.
  5. The answer is Elvis, you need to be sitting up on this very mountain, where the sunrises and the sunsets are magical, as long as you let yourself just be a part of the wonder that surrounds you there...
  6. Some women long for diamonds, I long for one of your knives, or two, or three. They are some of the most beautiful things I have seen in my entire life. Thank you for the chance to sit in wonder and want of them. Lynn
  7. My youngest is standing behind me drooling and there's' a puddle forming on the floor.
  8. That looks amazing and I bet it tastes as good!
  9. Sweet Lord, I am green with envy
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