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  1. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Eddie you have PM
  2. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    I agree, I've seen some plans for a trap that has similar dimensions to a current fenn that looks much more appealing. But I believe they were having difficulty passing it without being used in a designated wood box. Which instantly takes away from it's versatility again.
  3. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Unfortunately a stronger fenn won't be used as a replacement as the whole issue they have is that the trap strikes from below the stoat, leaving the risk that a leg capture may occur. Any of the replacements will have to strike from above to rectify this. But by the looks of it any replacement looks as though they'll need to be in a self contained shell, so they won't be as versatile as a fenn.
  4. Big Cat Sighting

    Good luck on your quest. But considering 90% of the Yorkshire moors are keepered, meaning they are snared, lamped and traced (when conditions suit) almost intensively, I find it difficult to believe that more conclusive evidence isn't available. But you are as entitled to your opinion just as much as I am mine, so I genuinely wish you the best on your search.
  5. Big Cat Sighting

    I haven't read this thread in detail, so it may already have been mentioned. But, I've been involved in keeping over 10 years and have come across literally hundreds of keepers from Scotland to Norfolk who never miss a days tracing when there's snow on the ground and there has never been a single report of any footing from a big cat. I'm not denying there'll have been an odd escapee, but there can't be much big cat activity about. I know two lads that have had raccoons in the snow, but never a big cat.
  6. Stoat Tails

    You have pm
  7. Hobart Mincer

    I have the 22 and use it mainly for whole rabbits. Some of the fat winter rabbits need a back leg cutting off to fit down the tube but other than that it eats them in one with ease.
  8. Blitz Lamp

    I can't understand the, 'dog can't see what it's running thing'. Surely everyone has had their dogs often catch when they've gone over a hill and they don't have a lamp on them at all. I changed to led at the start of last season and can honestly say my dogs performance never faltered. I understand the point about the difference in colour of beams, but the convenience of no wires and battery far outweighs the problem in my opinion. I'm sure in the not too distant future there'll be an led with similar colour to halogen, but unfortunately even then there'll be a lot of people miss out on a good bit of kit due to being too close minded.
  9. Pulsar

    Had similar issue myself it was bearable on level ground, but ended up buying a rubber comb raiser from Swillington shooting supplies. It was less than a tenner. It made using it much more comfortable especially if shooting up or down hill.
  10. Best Pic Of One Of Your Lurcher

    I wouldn't have even guessed that it was the same pup! Looks well!
  11. Gps Dog Trackers

    Side by side there seems practically no difference between the two as far as tracling ability. Although the Sportdog refreshes the dogs position more often than the garmin.
  12. Gps Dog Trackers

    The tek 1.0 doesn't have a map, just a compass and shows an arrow where the dog is.
  13. Gps Dog Trackers

    £450 for handset and one collar. I also have a few extra collars that you can add to the handset at £165. All prices include delivery. Cheers, Jake
  14. Best Lamp

    Just been out with the new lamp to have a look and see what it's like. I agree the picture makes it look a bit clumsy, but in reality it is well balanced and far more usable than it looks. It also comes in just over 100 grams lighter than my lightforce striker and 10ah lithium combo. It is a slightly wider beam than the striker but a more dense beam, that is considerably brighter than the lightforce. I can understand why some people aren't keen on some of the current led lamps, but if you were to use this one with an open mind I can't see how you would not agree it is a brilliant bit of kit.
  15. Gps Dog Trackers