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  1. Mission successful...a promise honoured..

    ...for a promise made is a debt unpaid .. RS God bless your friend Robin .
  2. the crazy liberals of usa

    BG Dave is sitting at home watching that ,nodding his head and muttering " right on brother " to himself
  3. Desert bred

    See its this level of tact ,diplomacy and general good will to fellow men that I miss when you go missing for a bit ,
  4. Hartlepool United FC

    I'm with Max on this one ,the TV money should be better distributed ,the wealthy clubs nearby could help out ,with friendly ,loan players etc ,,the day when football becomes ..just a business like any other business ...will be a sad day .
  5. Over 4' 10" your in!

    I think we should ask a gay midget his opinion ......what do you think mush ?
  6. H&M are in the s**t

    I'm supposing the little boys parents or guardians were at the shoot and never raised an objection to what must have been obvious to everyone there in which case there is no way any of those faggy ,lefty liberals would raise the subject for fear of being labelled racist .
  7. Whippet v lurcher

    He done wrassled a gator ,made a grizzly cry Tomo is mean when he ain't had a pie
  8. Homophobic abuse?

    Terrible thing to happen in this day and age ,I hope Will somehow finds the strength to go on and that the abuser is punished to the full extent of the law That anybody let alone a national treasure like Will is still being subject to this kind of abuse is cause for us all to hang our heads in shame .
  9. Whippet v lurcher

    Hush your mouth ,you want one ,you've been pestering me for a pup for years .
  10. the wifes merc

    You handled it well Jim ,you sound like a decent fella ,well in mate .
  11. Sad muppets on facebook

    I think to a certain extent we are all guilty of the same hypocrisy ,we like a moan about the inconsequential things in life and for some reason think its important that as many people as possible listen to us ,when someone else does the same thing ,we think its pointless ,boring and attention seeking .
  12. Christmas pub

    Passed there once ,saw some scruffy fker shitting in a hedge in the car park ,so gave it a miss .
  13. hey up lads

    What mushy said
  14. Did my good deed for the week today

    Well in Ken, a real nice thing to do
  15. Question for THL agony aunts

    At least he didn't name you Sue before he left ,.