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  1. Dale winton

    Fuksake !!!now you tell me .
  2. Dale winton

    It's a weird thing but iv always pictured Walshie as looking like Dale Winton
  3. Hypothetical scenario ...my missus wants to go out every night and get rat arsed ,she wants to take coke and come home early hours and sleep all day ,the kids are suffering from this behaviour ,so I stop her ,I hide her clothes ,I lock the doors ,I stand in the way and stop her from leaving ,do i get 6 months for controlling her ? beware of new legislation ,
  4. Action man

    A doll for boys to play with complete with an aura of homo erotic masculinity ,it's about time he was outed along with all the closet benders who actually owned one .
  5. Fao max - sufc

    Note to self .....ffs don't make jokes about Adam Johnson while on Sunderland threads
  6. Got to say I agree with Born Hunter ,there are already laws in place to protect vulnerable people ,just as there are already laws in place to protect ethnic minorities ,women ,homosexuals etc etc . I would be very suspicious of new legislation that uses ambiguous words and terms such as "controlling behaviour "or the ",phobias "it's the thin end of a very totalitarian wedge .
  7. Partnerships..

    Educated evertonian 😂😂😂now there's a contradiction in terms
  8. Partnerships..

    Is it available on DVD max ,I would absolutely love to own a copy .
  9. went to toon match today

    He will be here in a minute
  10. get in there

    Has max hacked your account ?
  11. get in there

    Well in Ray ,I am pleased to see wolves back in the top flight . I remember Alun Evans ,and Ernie Hunt .
  12. Who is pie eater.

    Is that a quote from Shakespeare?
  13. Conflict What-Ifs......

    Jeremy corbyn would demand an apology for British planes getting in the way of Russian missiles innocently going about their business
  14. Radio 4 Saturday

    I wouldn't be back slapping the beeb just yet ,they probably won't broadcast the speech and let the listener make his own mind up ,my guess is that it will be commented on and critiqued in a very partisan way by the very people who would deny free speech to anyone who would do as much as nod their head in agreement to any part of the speech
  15. Partnerships..

    Max ,didn't Colin Todd play for your crowd ? Surprised you never had him in your line up ,class player him .