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  1. Irish TB.

    Deffinatley snaring them then vaccinating in trial round here
  2. Irish TB.

    Snares usually left all weekend here but all done by the book for vaccine scheme as vet there to vaccinate and someone else, must cost a fortune
  3. Irish TB.

    Pilot area near me for vaccines, they get two on Friday and vacinate and chip them then knock down the snares for the weekend, , go back Monday to reset them when farmer comes over and says I saw some of the snares were knocked down so I reset them and got two badgers for you on Sunday, there in a sack in the shed, he didn't know about vaccine programs so shot them and of course when checked for chips he'd only gone and shot the same two vaccinated and chipped badgers.
  4. First season dogs

    Dog and two bitches came through for me, all had between 6 and 10 digs so delighted.
  5. Bellman an flint for sale

    no bother mate, hope alls well with you
  6. Bellman an flint for sale

    my mate looking for one if its not sold, will speak to him tomorrow
  7. ruminations and ramblings

    Perhaps I'm not as impatient as I thought. One area I'm very patient in is washing my dogs after a dig, I find a good wash reduces the need for penicillin hugely. I use a 2 litre plant sprayer, the type you pump up, and vet scrub[a generic hibiscrub] , and as soon as possible I spray the dogs starting on the top of the head and working down, any cuts are really cleaned out this way, its also worth washing chest and feet as a bite can often go unnoticed in this area. Its not uncommon to use a full spray on one dog if theyre very mucky, not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs but ive seen plenty lads give a real quick wash or a wipe and its better to spend a few minutes extra cleaning them in my opinion.
  8. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    bet young lads happy with his skittles
  9. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    cant beat seeing the young uns go
  10. Pups

    yes, hope you've hit the jackpot
  11. ruminations and ramblings

    Basically were all singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to entering but what about the young dog whos twenty odd months old at end of season and shown no interest, how many would run him on until next season?
  12. Is there more slow starting terriers around nowadays? Now ill hold my hands up, I'm not right patient and certainly when younger I got rid of terriers far to early, but even now I like a good easy early starting pup. In fact its one thing I look out for in a stud dog and brood bitch, but increasingly I'm seeing dogs not starting until between two and three, even in lines that ten years ago were going at allot younger. Is this a result of being patient then breeding of slow starters? or are the lines petering out and some natural fire is being lost?
  13. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Ironic were referring to plummers book when bb told him to f**k of when he tried to interview him
  14. Who needs a bellman lol

    Has your wee bitch started barking foryou ?