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  1. steve t

    Dogs dinners

    Sheep bellys
  2. steve t

    how times have changed

    must dig out a photo of miners daughter, wonder how many pups he produced
  3. steve t

    New Season In France

    ive just got a new shovel, my other one was at least 15 years, blade very thin and finally gave up last season, new shovel should be my last.
  4. steve t

    Interesting Little Clip

    MF used to have one called Scott, had to dig the b*****d out on more than one occasion, would draw and was plenty game, excellent guard dog, gave us a right laugh when it took of after sheep one time dragging its chain and tether, M chasing it, when its tether hits a rock and bounced up hitting M on the head, gave him a right whack, needless to say we were very sympathetic
  5. steve t

    Box headed terriers

    yours getting a bit snipey FD?
  6. steve t


    I have another mans line of terriers and have bred down from them, but, I have done matings against his advice, so even though all his bloodlines he wouldn't of done the same as me so should I use his name to sell the pups?
  7. steve t

    Hunting days USA

    Must be like hibiscrub?
  8. steve t

    hard terriers

    He did have a great nack, when lads that hadn't seen him dug saw him for first time they thought he was dead as he'd grab and lie perfectly still, no movement on the box atall
  9. steve t

    hard terriers

    He was not dug every week as I have other dogs to dig so do my mates, and yes I mean in and grips, no barking atall, his longest time to ground was six hoursand plenty of three four hour shifts
  10. steve t

    hard terriers

    Wasn't gonna post as I don't want to come across as a bullshiter but its not that uncommon and I dont understand why its so hard to believe. I dug one dog every fortnight for four seasons totally mute, locked on , not marked up all, he got a bit slower I think and got a few marks after that but nothing hectic. The father of Francie's bitch is ten, still mute and is in very good order, he's killed a few in his time and even managed one last year, I have a pup half brother to Francie's bitch dug about ten first season, not a bark or a mark, he seems to have same technique.
  11. steve t

    Irish TB.

    Deffinatley snaring them then vaccinating in trial round here
  12. steve t

    Irish TB.

    Snares usually left all weekend here but all done by the book for vaccine scheme as vet there to vaccinate and someone else, must cost a fortune
  13. steve t

    Irish TB.

    Pilot area near me for vaccines, they get two on Friday and vacinate and chip them then knock down the snares for the weekend, , go back Monday to reset them when farmer comes over and says I saw some of the snares were knocked down so I reset them and got two badgers for you on Sunday, there in a sack in the shed, he didn't know about vaccine programs so shot them and of course when checked for chips he'd only gone and shot the same two vaccinated and chipped badgers.