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  1. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    cant beat seeing the young uns go
  2. Pups

    yes, hope you've hit the jackpot
  3. Beddy crosses of the 90’s

    great pics, got me hankering for one again
  4. ruminations and ramblings

    Basically were all singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to entering but what about the young dog whos twenty odd months old at end of season and shown no interest, how many would run him on until next season?
  5. Is there more slow starting terriers around nowadays? Now ill hold my hands up, I'm not right patient and certainly when younger I got rid of terriers far to early, but even now I like a good easy early starting pup. In fact its one thing I look out for in a stud dog and brood bitch, but increasingly I'm seeing dogs not starting until between two and three, even in lines that ten years ago were going at allot younger. Is this a result of being patient then breeding of slow starters? or are the lines petering out and some natural fire is being lost?
  6. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Ironic were referring to plummers book when bb told him to f**k of when he tried to interview him
  7. Who needs a bellman lol

    Has your wee bitch started barking foryou ?
  8. The Dealer Dog

    Fat man tried to pm you, wont send, my digging partner bred butch if you want his breeding?
  9. The Dealer Dog

    I thought he was son of butch
  10. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Fatmans right, most terrier lads cant keep their mouth shut, whos got what , whos doing what, talking about people they don't even know ffs. I live very rural, don't know many people yet I still hear about good/bad dogs around the country, third and fourth hand information, like gossiping old women.
  11. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Scumbags, will b keeping eye out up here
  12. Pups

    as long as there not jackerdalles
  13. Plr 500 Review

    at least you got the lamping to keep u busy while biddys lying in front of fire
  14. Warning

    Tig or arc, should have plenty cash in bank then
  15. Age Of Stud

    thanks lads, put my mind at rest, just want to try one more litter out of him.