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  1. Fieldsports Britain - Youtube

    looks quite interesting be good to here other views
  2. WANTED - Hushpower 410

    ive just bought one and think its great only been out the once with it but love it , only one downside the price of cartridges ,and trying to find a gun slip to fit , cheers barry
  3. Dogs eye

    very good eye specialist for dogs at penrith marvelous one of mine had a small piece of blackthorn snapped off in its eye my local vet operated but couldnt remove it and all they wanted was to remove the eye , penrith removed the blackthorn and put a man made lens in clever stuff ,not sure wer you from for travelling /iam a good 2 hours away worth it.
  4. reedy beds up near alston

    ferret was picked up this morning approx 7 the lad stopped for a cuppa and a chat and drove back to manchester, said he set off at half 4 to get to mine decent enough bloke so will be needing youngsters forrthcoming
  5. reedy beds up near alston

    its for a pet,
  6. reedy beds up near alston

    put a ferret up for sale yesterday after approx 9 replies someone coming up from manchester a good 2 hours treck , whats all that about ? for a stinker 10 pounds worth
  7. reedy beds up near alston

    nothernlite any more pics
  8. reedy beds up near alston

    never thought about camera would have had sum cracking pictures , also flushed pheasants grouse etc
  9. reedy beds up near alston

    in my view its got to be one of the best things with the lurchers you can do , in one spot there was 8 rabbits sitting under the reeds wasnt that big either ,dogs are recovering today though ,
  10. reedy beds up near alston

    just got back in house after a enjoyable day walking the reedy beds with lurchers great sport ,rabbits dont half sit tight , its a hilly spot so dogs get a testing, any rabbits put to ground were ferreted.weather held off as well , wish i could get more days like that , all the best for the new year ,
  11. Gutted

    i lost one of mine the same way gutted for u it always seems to happen to u best dog as well, rip fern
  12. Lurchers That Tree ???

    ive two lurcher bitches which are really good at catching squirrels ,they will mark trees and tell me if there is one in the tree or if ones been there , i find quite often they play dead up the tree ,i carry a catapult and have some great sport on them , the ones i get go straight into the ferrets hutch , very interesting post
  13. borro and sunderland derby

    from the lads who went to the game sunderland was the better of two , and both were shit
  14. 100Yard Long Nets Quick Sett

    jb&s nets sorted thanks
  15. Long Nets For Sale

    just bought 2xz 100yd nets and 2x 50yd nets with baskets poles etc , jb&s nets good honest bloke , just got them all seem decent quality,