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  1. Lurchers That Tree ???

    ive two lurcher bitches which are really good at catching squirrels ,they will mark trees and tell me if there is one in the tree or if ones been there , i find quite often they play dead up the tree ,i carry a catapult and have some great sport on them , the ones i get go straight into the ferrets hutch , very interesting post
  2. borro and sunderland derby

    from the lads who went to the game sunderland was the better of two , and both were shit
  3. 100Yard Long Nets Quick Sett

    jb&s nets sorted thanks
  4. Long Nets For Sale

    just bought 2xz 100yd nets and 2x 50yd nets with baskets poles etc , jb&s nets good honest bloke , just got them all seem decent quality,
  5. Advice 0N Which Gun Lamp

    ordered a t38 last night in red, thanks for all the advice ,
  6. Advice 0N Which Gun Lamp

    thanks bigmac and phil for the advice , one of the companiesi contacted about a t67 recommended a xc50 ,shines to 300yds 2 batteries lasts 3-4hours , blackbriar i use red filters all the time and was thinking of a colour change thats all , maybe not and stick to what you know ,think the xc50 was about £50 odd,
  7. Advice 0N Which Gun Lamp

    i have 2 striker 170 with filters and a lithium which i use with the dogs but this airgun shooting is new to me, is the batteries that come with the gun tourch any good ?
  8. Advice 0N Which Gun Lamp

    opticfire tx t67 kit, charger 2x batteries pressure switch mounts , 59.99 , does this sound decent , cheers
  9. Advice 0N Which Gun Lamp

    why no wires,thought it would be handy with a switch on the gun , going to see if i can find a t67 on line now
  10. now lads iam going in circles here ,keep changing my mind after reading different reviews ,i am wanting a good lamp/tourch to go on a hw100 ,would probably go for a one with a green filter , but which and were from , any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  11. Is The Hw 100 The " Perfect Gun" ?

    thats why then , i have a one in 177 and i would agree they are very good, i also own a hw80 which i got new not long ago ,love that too
  12. Is The Hw 100 The " Perfect Gun" ?

    can the power on the hw100 be increased ,dont hear much about people messing about with them ,
  13. anyone point me in the right direction 2 possibly 3 of these wanted , any recommendations appreciated ,
  14. New Ferret Hutch

    went a bit over the top on this one and mortice and tennoned the 3x2 cls frame just out of boredom
  15. New Ferret Hutch

    yer thats right i have 2 hutches the same that are in use , i make the sleeping compartment small as well if you dont they end up crapping in there ,that one is made from 3/4 ply but you can get away with 1/2 inch back and sides,