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  1. What am I doing wrong

    try emailing the clip to yourself and see if it shrinks it
  2. What Quad?

    How much and where are you?
  3. Gwpx Pup

    nice I,ve seen a few work and think that is what I will get in the future
  4. Gwpx Pup

    what % is the pointer in it?
  5. I Have Got Myself A Nikon

    You aren't a novice That first pic really good,
  6. New Catapult

    shot my mates last week and have ordered one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322571390897
  7. Any Recommended Electronic Earmuffs?

    I have the Howard Leights and can highly recommend them
  8. How Are The Rest Of The Litter Doing?

    Interesting topic I,ve seen gazs dog work,it's a decent dog......I,d have it at my house What to put it too is the question .....it's pretty much the full package as it is for a busher To a spaniel I cross if you wanted more of a shooting dog or hound cross for bigger land
  9. Online Pre-Payments ?

    i run a gardening business cheque or ,bank transfer are the norm for regulars they often set up a standing order. rarely do they want to pay cash...so its mostly cheques
  10. Adder In The Gorse

    Nice pic Adders are something I would love to see .....never seen one
  11. Any Advice On Climbing Snowden

    i did llanberis route last year middle of july ,brilliant sun at the bottom ,driving rain and freezing at the top wear good boots and carry waterproofs,warm clothing food etc
  12. First Pigeon

    Result. Well done
  13. Book Recommendations?

    as above the revenant is a good read
  14. One In The Making

    very nice