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  1. Real un

    Don’t be daft. Everyone knows Salukis don’t retrieve
  2. Real un

    heres it retrieving a honey badgers testicle....why bother retrieving the whole carcase ,this strain of dog just retrieves the vital bits
  3. Real un

    I might be interested ,this bitch of mine is iron hard....absolutely no reverse gear generation after generation ,tested to the hilt.....dating back to the run of the century The ancestors of this dog fought bloody battles on the streets battling bulls and bears what I need now is an out cross because that dogs a lovely colour and the pups would sell well on pets r us
  4. Holidays next year.

    went here a couple of years ago ...unbelievable http://www.selousgamereserve.net/
  5. Power

    I have used twin bands before found that single was better for me with a light pouch, it was more accurate to be honest. Single with a light pouch is fast enough for hunting i, m no expert but I think double would be better for bigger ammo. 12 mm lead etc
  6. Lost dog

    Good news
  7. Power

    The bands on the pic will go straight in and out of a beer can at 10 metres. I use 9.5 steel Just get the band length right and practise
  8. Power

    mine is about 6 inches for theraband but 7 for precise #the theraband is a bit more strechy so I cut it shorter
  9. Power

    depends on what bands you are using
  10. Power

    as greyman says ..work out how long the bands need to be ...they might need cutting down a bit .. then keep practising
  11. Power

    How wide are your bands? are they too long ie. can you pull them much further back than your normal draw ngth
  12. At stud

    If only you were closer
  13. Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Direct from dankung Free shipping and comes pretty quick
  14. Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Dankung precise anti cold latex i
  15. Wrap and tuck check required!!

    that's the same pink stuff I,ve been using it blows theraband gold out of the water