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  1. Half cross bull greyhound

    Yeh there's still plenty of lads with half x still about just not on here as what can they really talk about...guessing their bags of rabbits won't be that much to brag about lol all my mates I get out Lamping with bar 2 have half x's. Very versatile dogs can be used for a whole manner of tasks.
  2. As the title says is there one on the market, Iv had a look myself and found some that look the right size. Will order them and give it a go unless someone else knows of ones that 100% fit.
  3. High Protein Food And No Work.

    That's who I get mine off 👍🏻
  4. High Protein Food And No Work.

    You're just showing how little you know to be honest!
  5. High Protein Food And No Work.

    That does make them shit through the eye of a needle until they get used to it, better off mixing it with beef 👍 None of mine have the shits, if anything they have really dark really small shits when just on horse meat.
  6. High Protein Food And No Work.

    I had that a while back, ran out of meat so fed them the gain28 I had. It was like I had a T. rex in the kennels, shits were humongous! I stick to minced chicken or horse meat if I can.
  7. Jp's Arthur

    I'm pretty good at deciphering people's rambling and accents, mrs family is Scottish and irish and I hunt with Yorkshire lads and work with Londoners and Essex shhhlags! But I'm pretty baffled here.....I thought this was about Powells Arthur 🤣
  8. Black Fallow Buck

    Seen a few of these little fallow, worked on a shoot in cuffley and they'd made there way over the m25. If you drive 10 mins the other way back toward where I live you have big tall fast ones with proper palmated antlers.
  9. Cocking Leg?

    My pups 18 month never seen him even try to cock his leg!
  10. Mrs got me the deerhunter avanti smock for Xmas last year, really like it!
  11. Spiders

    This year I have had more spiders in my garden than ever! One by my kennels Iv left be as he's always got flies in his web but the ones that don't pull their weight are f****d off, nothing in my yard stays for free 😂
  12. Platinum Fox

    There's a video about the coat colours of captive bred foxes, after a certain amount of captive breeding they're coats change to what resemble common dog colours. Strange
  13. Jp's Arthur

    Be interested to see a pic myself, heard he was out of Gus (son of Pie) x A punch bred bitch but not sure that could be complete nonsense.
  14. Spaniel/terrier X Bullgreyhound Pups

    Any pics of the bull grey ?
  15. Boss Update, Staghound Pup

    Do you run deer with the staghounds ?