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  1. Spaniel/terrier X Bullgreyhound Pups

    How are these pups looking now, have any thrown to the lurcher side of the breeding ?
  2. Sportdog gps trackers

    Everyone seems to prefer them to garmin from the lads Iv spoke to
  3. X38 contact info

    Iv inboxed you 👍🏻
  4. X38 contact info

    Also anyone who has dogs out of Chance x the Norfolk tumbler bitch could you get in touch too 👍🏻 Thanks
  5. I'm trying to get hold of X38 who used to be a member on here, not sure if he still is or not as can't message him. So if anyone can inbox me his number or inbox me and I'll give you mine to pass on etc. thanks
  6. If your into that kinda stuff then yeh I'd guess he'd be pretty handy 👍🏻
  7. The bitch didn't make the size I wanted in fact she's smallest out the litter but was biggest bitch pup lol the way it goes sometimes...I let my sister and nephew keep her as a bunny basher as they live next to land coated in em. The dog I kept made 27" and more than big enough for what I do! He flying, fast no nonsense type, having a real good first season.
  8. As the title says is there one on the market, Iv had a look myself and found some that look the right size. Will order them and give it a go unless someone else knows of ones that 100% fit.
  9. High Protein Food And No Work.

    That's who I get mine off 👍🏻
  10. High Protein Food And No Work.

    You're just showing how little you know to be honest!
  11. High Protein Food And No Work.

    That does make them shit through the eye of a needle until they get used to it, better off mixing it with beef 👍 None of mine have the shits, if anything they have really dark really small shits when just on horse meat.
  12. High Protein Food And No Work.

    I had that a while back, ran out of meat so fed them the gain28 I had. It was like I had a T. rex in the kennels, shits were humongous! I stick to minced chicken or horse meat if I can.
  13. Jp's Arthur

    I'm pretty good at deciphering people's rambling and accents, mrs family is Scottish and irish and I hunt with Yorkshire lads and work with Londoners and Essex shhhlags! But I'm pretty baffled here.....I thought this was about Powells Arthur 🤣
  14. Black Fallow Buck

    Seen a few of these little fallow, worked on a shoot in cuffley and they'd made there way over the m25. If you drive 10 mins the other way back toward where I live you have big tall fast ones with proper palmated antlers.