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  1. Help With Saluki Lines...

    Not sure who's is right mine or yours I was having this conversation on a page just about coursing dogs pedigrees and this is what all the lads came forward with.
  2. Help With Saluki Lines...

    Jason bradfords luke Is luke x lofty's sally Sally was lurcher x pure Luke was Charlie x sweet by chocolate
  3. Anyone Going To Midland Gamefair?

    Being there all day might be back there tomorrow meeting some lads.
  4. Nuttalls Buddy And Billy Boo

    Which dog of boos is it out of.
  5. Nuttalls Buddy And Billy Boo

    Billy boo is a feller from same area as me. Never heard of a dog called it.
  6. Over the last few weeks being looking at all different methods of feeding and getting there dogs ready for season. What is your methods lads. I start them off long walks only then introduce the bike and slot of free running. I weigh all my food out and then introduce more meat as the season gets on.
  7. Looking Forward To This Season.

    Lol think this went in wrong direction a little. I was just saying looking forward to the season hahahahaha
  8. Looking Forward To This Season.

    It's all my dogs proper first season so see how it goes. I'll be testing them on all types of land.
  9. Looking Forward To This Season.

    Your totally right there a lot of people don't understand. The more you put in the better.
  10. Havent being on here much. Looking forward to this season to start. Start upping my dogs fitness this next few weeks. Being and treat my self for all new ferreting kit aswel so should be a good season.
  11. New Boy

    aye confusing, also think where you've got Durak it should be Ajuz Faraah ibn Durak, ibn Durak meaning "son of" Cheers buddy I'll get it there in end
  12. New Boy

    Not sure what the side was call just. Init was Khan jihad lines. And not 100% sure cause that where it all gets confusing with ink and hope and that
  13. New Boy

    Still working on this to get it 100% right but it's some where near thanks to the help of NE Couser So it's a coursing breed dam x full bred saluki sire
  14. Lucas

    Yeah very good really like that costa very aggressive and game. I normal like a dog that boxes but really like her. And watch the old ones Lucas was defo a top dog.
  15. New Boy

    Thanks mate he is very well bred got him off my good friend so I know what he has done and hasn't done