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  1. View Advert hushpower 20 bore pump. N Yorks. Few cabinet marks but pretty much as new. Lucky if it’s had 100 shots through it since bought new 2 year ago. had to dremmel the sling attatchment slightly to get sling adapters on but il throw in the sling to make it up. any sensible offers considered. any daft offers ignored.... please don’t expect a reply 😉 Advertiser dixyhmr Date 06/12/17 Price £425.00 Category Shotguns  
  2. hushpower 20 bore pump. N Yorks.

    Time Left: 20 days and 2 hours

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    Few cabinet marks but pretty much as new. Lucky if it’s had 100 shots through it since bought new 2 year ago. had to dremmel the sling attatchment slightly to get sling adapters on but il throw in the sling to make it up. any sensible offers considered. any daft offers ignored.... please don’t expect a reply 😉


  3. 22-250 vs. 223

    .223 is the better allround calibre ( my opinion ) .22-250 would however give an advantage in knockdown power and trajectory and wind drift if you were regularly shooting past 200 yards on a night. If you shoot different areas land types then go .223.if your land consists of huge wide open fields then the bigger calibre would be useful so go .22-250 I use the .223 90% of the time with 40grainers. When it’s windy on the bigger fields I use the .243 with 75 grainers but I find the .223 a very quiet , cheap and effective round to shoot.
  4. save up and get a wardy. will be worth it in the long term
  5. Appreciate all the replys
  6. To be honest deker, just purely and totally to try something a bit different. No logical or long winded reason. Just fancy something different. The .25 seems to sit on the edge of the heavy side.... once you get up over the trajectories get loopy but its got plenty of punch and not too much penetration from what I can gather. Ive never shot the .25 and I fancy giving it a go. not planning on long range stuff, just bunnies out to around 50 and squirrels. To be honest I've got plenty of tools for different jobs and im sure that either the .22 or the .25 will fill my needs. I just want to have a play with something totally new..... a step into the unknown. You know me Ian, just hate scratching nice wood stocks. Maybe its the joiner in me . even my shotguns are plastic !. ( just been round Pauls tonight and he's got that grs bolt horn stock.... very nice ) tempted myself now 1 Itl be synthetic most probably although it does limit my options slightly.
  7. Cheers for the replys its looking like the power needs to be around 45-50 fps to get best results then. Cant understand why Bsa run it at 33. Possibly limited to bottle size or working pressures maybe ? Im liking the fx impact, looks great and very compact but I'm finding many people having issues with them when looking at them on net. Also today for example, my lad slipped and his bsa ultra stock ended up in the sloppiest bit of muddy crap in the field, just wiped it over in the sink when we got back home. If that had been me with the impact then no doubt since many of the working parts are at the rear it would have been a full strip down job and clean up, probably would have to knock shooting on the head in case all the crap got the barrel, mag, or air inlet. I like the short size and style of the impact but there does seem to be loads of places for dust and mud to get stuck in. One I've been looking at is the FX Royale 500 with synthetic stock. Ive had a go of the Royale 400 in .22 fac and was surprised how light it was. Only downside is its quite long in .25 Intrigued with the .25 cal though. hopefully it will do nicely where the lr is too bouncy. Out of curiosity what are you zeroing at ??
  8. Ive decided to try the .25 calibre in FAC , and am looking into which model to purchase. Some manufacturers clearly display the power output and fps and some don't. Bsa for example state a speed of 665 fps from their R10 .25 cal FAC model on their website. I've ran this through the apps and its giving up to around 30 ftlb dependant on pellet. I hear many lads recommending a muzzle velocity of close to 900 fps for .22 and .25. Id appreciate a few opinions and suggestions from .25 FAC users on whats best as the power output of the calibre will dictate which rifle to purchase. Thanks.
  9. Nv Suggestions?

    I'd avoid the x sight as there are much better alternatives at much cheaper prices. Add ons like the home made stuff can be ok for a relatively cheap cost but the mass produced shite like the nite site range is so over priced it's redicolous for what you get considering your looking through a tv screen with loads or wires and fiddly bits hanging off yer gun. A photon is a good starting point and is best at short ranges, say 30-150 yards and would be ok for a air rifle, rimfires or .243. The next step up would be a 2nd hand pulsar which are ok but not brilliant. For around 800 there's the wardy add on which has the benefits of an add on rather than being dedicated whilst also been able to work out to 300 or more yards so a good choice for a .243 foxing rifle with a cheaper scope. From there your looking at the top end pulsars which are fairly good but I've always had issues with the set up, lay out and ergonomics. Going up another step there's the drone pro which is capable of shooting foxes easily at 300 yards and more on a regular basis if your confident to do so. I've used all of the above and have settled on the drone pro 10x which is a superbly made and well thought out bit of kit, but it has meant the wife's not been happy with me as we've had less holidays abroad !!!. As always your budget will dictate to a degree what types to look for but I'd advise to buy the best you can afford as it works out cheaper in the long run. There's also the added cost of a spotter to consider. Using a nv or thermal spotter along with the nv on your rifle is deadly and I'd recommend getting a spotter before you fork out on the nv. Just to chuck another spanner in the works is the range of thermal riflescopes available ... again going up in price. If you can give an idea of your budget and insights into your preferences towards a dedicated or add on system and what ranges you want to reach out to then you'll get some more specific answers from the lads on here Hope this helps a bit.
  10. It's a good unit David, don't get me wrong..... Just my personal opinion the position of the controls could be located a bit more ergonomically but just my preference. Just nit picking really.........
  11. Mint condition and can be sold with deben tracer 900 ir illuminater A good friend of mines asked me to put it up on here for him , and I've used the unit a lot myself. Not my cup of tea personally ( a bit fiddly and not the most user friendly unit ) but rangefinder works well and it's ideal for rabbits on hmr / .22 etc. He bought it new so he's got all relevant boxes and paperwork etc, think it's about 9 months old. £975 with the illuminater . Just edited to say il forward his details via pm if anyone's interested.
  12. Pulsar N970 Lrf

    I like using the pulsar on the rimfires out to 150 yards as the clarity at that range is usable and the rangefinder on the pulsar plus the option of having 3 preset zeroes means it swaps from .22 to .17 easily. The buttons on it and the whole configuration is not well thought out though and finding the buttons in the dark etc is a pain. Why they put the rangefinder buttons and focus etc on the right hand side is baffling me. The drone is far far better picture clarity and image quality. If it was going on a .22 or id go pulsar with range finder every time. The hmr is debatable as you pretty much aim on out to 150 so the rangefinder becomes less necessary. On a centerfire I'd 100% opt for the drone as the images at 150 yards onwards put the pulsar to shame.
  13. Just wondering what you guys are running on your custom / semi custom rigs. I'm getting a new heavy barrel soon to replace the 20" sporter. I'm thinking 26" heavy un fluted and also considering changing the chamber to .243 AI. I've spoke to a couple of guys who reckon the 26" barrel is optimum for powder burn and velocity as long as the weight isn't an issue ( it's not ). Does anyone run a 26" barrel ?. And any of you lads with .243 ackley offer any advice if it's worth changing from the standard .243 chambering ?.
  14. New Barrel On 223

    Around 700 fitted, chambered proofed etc. I've had a few quotes recently for a rebarrel myself and this is about the going rate.
  15. With my experience of hardy mods id say this is a perfect excuse to bin it and get a decent strippable mod. If not just leave it in as there's the off chance it could make it quieter !. Bloody loud things at the muzzle them hardys. Surely if you can see through the mod then it's not blocking anything so for a few shots through it checking it each time. After a dozen shots the patch will have epithet burnt up or will have moved position letting you poke a rod through and push out the remains ?