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  1. A message from Gnasher.

    Geology had, in fact, become his chief hobby. I imagined it appealed to his patient, meticulous nature. A ten-thousand-year ice age here. A million years of mountain-building there. Tectonic plates grinding against each other deep under the earth's skin over the millennia. Pressure. Andy told me once that all of geology is the study of pressure. And time, of course.
  2. -16 is cold mate,I saw on the weather report yesterday you were due a bit of snow,good luck on getting a decent buck.
  3. Snap crackle and pop

    I had Benedict at the airport mate and she had the English,the Benedict was tasty as.
  4. Weed ;)

  5. Weed ;)

    Perfect job for you,just seen it in a newspaper.
  6. Weed ;)

    Adverts in one of the investement mags offering literally millions of dollars to those with the correct licences etc,the green rush is about to hit paydirt.
  7. Clothes

    My missus is in there at the moment buying posh knickers,I refused to go in.
  8. Snap crackle and pop

    Blueberry pancakes and maple syrup,missus is having king crab cakes and eggs Benedict.
  9. Weed ;)

    There's a sign in the door saying help wanted,just seen a news feature on TV as Toronto is wondering how to regulate dispensaries,there's a few magazines I have seen that are aimed at the cannabis entrepreneur and investor,times are certainly changing here.
  10. Clothes

    Yup,it's meant to be enjoyed,buys experiences,clothes maketh the man as the old saying goes,you feel good if you look presentable.
  11. Weed ;)

    Spoke to a guy yesterday who works in a dispensary,his job title is bud-tender,like bar tender but with weed,he is on an hourly rate which isn't as much as I thought it would be considering the cash these shops are turning over,he was on $15 an hour.
  12. Dumb down for kids?

    We had the lecky and gas cut off several times for non payment of bills,candlepower was our illumination,and making toast on an open coal fire using a toasting fork made from a wire coat hanger,and coats on the bed to keep warm,and we didn't even consider them hard times.
  13. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    I think he was struggling mate,but in fairness the cat was 8 foot long and around 170 lbs.
  14. Dumb down for kids?

    I remember the rented telly with the coin slot on,that gave new meaning to the term pay-per-view,and the gas meter that was the same.
  15. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    The driver said he was driving a truck 35-40 mph and watched it for 30-40 seconds?The maths doesn't stack up,and I think scot was on about the three guys loading the cadaver into a truck when he mentioned photographs,that sort of thing would have went viral in a nano second,just looking at this objectivelyn,this dead on the road story mirrors the hertfordshire one from a few weeks back.